Switzerland To Lifts All Covid-19 Travel Restrictions Effective May 02


A piece of good news for travellers who are planning to visit Switzerland, the country has announced to repeal all of its Covid-19 related travel restrictions for passengers from all countries starting May 02.

This means travellers from across the globe will soon be allowed to enter Switzerland without having to adhere to any Covid-19 regulations.

Switzerland Lifts Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

This comes after the most recent update from Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Migration, which states; that beginning May 2, all travellers, regardless of their country of origin, will be entitled to enter Switzerland without any restrictions.

“The entry restrictions currently in place will be lifted from May 02. As of that date, the usual rules for entering Switzerland will apply,” 

the statement of the State Secretariat for Migration reads.

Currently, all visitors to Switzerland must have a valid vaccination or recovery certificate in order to enter the country without limitation.

However, once the new entry requirements go into effect, travellers will no longer be required to have a valid vaccination or recovery certificate.

According to Swiss authorities, beginning May 2, travellers will only be needed to follow the general requirements, such as having a valid passport or visa, if such a requirement applies to them.

Ritu Sharma- Deputy Director and Marketing Head – India said;

“Switzerland tops the wish list of avid travellers across the world who have been waiting to visit the country these past two years without being burdened by paperwork. Now, they can! We look forward to hosting Indian travellers from May 2 onwards and can’t wait for them to come and enjoy the wonder that is Switzerland.”


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Flight Options For Travellers

Visitors who have been planning a trip to Switzerland can now book direct flights from Mumbai and Delhi with Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS), the preferred airline connecting the two nations.

The airline restarted operations in India earlier this year, following the signing of an air bubble agreement between India and Switzerland that permitted their national carriers to operate flights between the two nations.

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