Canada Reduces Wait Times for Proof of Citizenship Applications

Children born abroad to Canadian parents can now get their proof of citizenship applications processed faster by IRCC. This means quicker decisions and easier access to the benefits of Canadian citizenship, such as social programs, voting rights, and a strong passport.

Good news for foreign nationals with Canadian parents! In a significant development, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced expedited processing times for proof of citizenship applications, slashing wait times to as little as three months.

This move comes as a relief to many applicants, with processing times now significantly shorter compared to even pre-pandemic standards.

What is Proof of Canadian Citizenship?

Under Canadian law, children born outside Canada to Canadian parents aren’t automatically Canadian citizens. They need to apply for “proof of citizenship” and receive a Canadian citizenship certificate to confirm their status. This certificate, along with a Canadian birth certificate, is essential for obtaining a Canadian passport.

Who is Eligible?

This process is open to anyone, regardless of age, and can be initiated even if a Canadian parent is deceased. However, it’s important to note that adopted children of Canadian parents, if adopted after birth, are not eligible for this process and must explore alternative routes to Canadian citizenship.


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Recent Changes to Citizenship Law

In December 2023, a significant development occurred. Ontario’s Superior Court ruled that a previous law restricting second-generation citizenship transfer was unconstitutional.

This law prevented Canadians born abroad from automatically passing on citizenship to their children born outside Canada. The court mandated the federal government to amend the Citizenship Act within six months.

The government’s decision not to appeal this ruling suggests changes are coming for those seeking Canadian citizenship by descent. Stay tuned for further updates as the story unfolds.


Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

Canadian citizenship offers numerous advantages:

  • Protected Rights and Permanent Status: Canadians enjoy legal security and protected rights within the country.
  • Social Benefits: Citizens have access to social programs like healthcare and education at reduced costs.
  • Voting Rights and Political Participation: Canadians can vote and hold political office.
  • Strong Passport: A Canadian passport is highly recognized worldwide, allowing for easier travel.
  • Family Sponsorship: Citizens can sponsor loved ones for visits or immigration to Canada.
  • Potential for Dual Citizenship: Canada allows dual citizenship with many countries.

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The faster processing times and potential upcoming changes to citizenship laws make it an opportune time for children born abroad to Canadian parents to explore obtaining proof of Canadian citizenship. This path opens doors to a range of benefits and opportunities in Canada.

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