Hungary Tightens Work Visa Requirements for Third-Country Job Seekers

Hungary is tightening its rules for foreign workers, introducing specific quotas to safeguard its labor market. The country, which hires the fewest foreign workers compared to neighboring nations, aims to strike a balance between protecting local employment opportunities and welcoming skilled professionals.

In a bid to safeguard the interests of its domestic workforce and stimulate job creation, Hungary has announced plans to impose tighter restrictions on the entry of foreign workers.

Although the final regulations have yet to be released, the revised rules aim to establish specific quotas for job seekers from third countries that will not pose a threat to the local labour market.

Notably, Hungary has the lowest number of foreign workers among its neighbouring countries, such as Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

Official data reveals that Hungary is currently home to 430,000 foreigners, out of which 161,000 hold a European Union registration card and an additional 162,000 possess a Hungarian residence permit.


Current Work Permit Requirements

Presently, non-European Union (EU) citizens must obtain a combined residence and work permit to legally reside and work in Hungary. The work permit is initially valid for two years and can be easily renewed if the employment relationship remains intact.

However, if an employee separates from their employer, the work permit will be revoked and reissued only if the employee secures new employment.

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Application Process and Mandatory Documents

The application process typically takes approximately 70 days and necessitates the submission of various mandatory documents, including

  • A valid identification document (passport)
  • Proof of a registered address in Hungary
  • Travel Insurance
  • Qualifications verification (e.g., university degree), and
  • A letter of intent or preliminary labour contract.

Integration into the Hungarian System

Moreover, individuals seeking employment with Hungarian companies must integrate into the Hungarian social security and taxation system, requiring them to obtain a Hungarian social security number and a tax number.


Furthermore, those holding a work permit have the opportunity to pursue Hungarian residency through a process known as “family unification,” which can commence after the main applicant has obtained their work permit.

Spouses and underage children (under 18 years old) of the main applicant are eligible to apply, and their residence permits will remain valid as long as the main applicant’s permit is valid.

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