US Green Card Delays? Explore These Alternative Tech Paradises Instead!

Top tech companies like Google and Amazon are hitting pause on green card applications, leaving international tech talent scrambling for options. But fret not! This article explores alternative destinations like Canada and Australia, brimming with opportunities and offering strong pathways to permanent residency.

For international tech professionals with dreams of working in the US, a recent hurdle has emerged. Tech giants like Google and Amazon have reportedly paused their processing of PERM applications, a crucial step in obtaining a green card. This throws a wrench into the plans of many talented individuals seeking a path to permanent residency in the US. But fear not, tech nomads!

This article explores the current situation and delves into alternative destinations brimming with opportunity: Canada and Australia.

PERM Applications on Hold

PERM, or Program Electronic Review Management, is a certification issued by the Department of Labor verifying that hiring a foreign worker won’t adversely affect U.S. worker opportunities and wages. This certification is often considered the first hurdle in obtaining a green card, which grants permanent residency and work authorization in the U.S.

With Google pushing back PERM applications until 2025 and Amazon pausing them entirely in 2024, international tech professionals seeking opportunities in the U.S. need to explore other avenues. This may mean looking beyond tech hubs like Silicon Valley and New York City.


Meta, Facebook’s parent company, reportedly hasn’t halted sponsorships entirely, but the process has significantly slowed down, taking “a year or more” according to an employee. This indicates a broader trend within the tech industry.

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Exploring Alternatives

Though the US green card process might be experiencing delays, international job seekers have exciting options. Here’s a closer look at two popular alternatives:

1. Canada Permanent Residency

Canada boasts a thriving job market and a reputation for welcoming immigrants. Obtaining Canada PR allows international professionals to live, work, and study anywhere in the country.


Canada offers a strong healthcare system, social benefits, and a multicultural environment. However, fluency in English or French is typically required for Canada PR qualification.

2. Australia Permanent Residency

Australia’s dynamic economy and diverse industries are a magnet for international talent. With Australian PR, individuals can pursue career advancement and enjoy a high quality of life.

Notably, Australia hasn’t experienced a recession in the past three years, making it an attractive option for job seekers seeking stability.

While Canada and Australia each have their own application processes, they offer promising pathways for international tech talent facing hurdles in the US green card system.


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While the pause in U.S. Green Card applications by tech giants like Google and Amazon may pose challenges for international job seekers, it also presents an opportunity to explore alternative pathways to professional growth and immigration.

Whether considering Canada PR or Australia PR, individuals can chart a course towards a prosperous future, transcending borders and embracing new horizons in their pursuit of success.

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