Air India Express Cancels 75 Flights, Offering Free Rebooking and Full Refunds

Air India Express, a budget carrier, experienced disruptions on May 9th and 10th, 2024 due to a lack of cabin crew. This resulted in over 100 flight cancellations and impacted roughly 15,000 passengers. The airline took steps to minimize inconvenience by working with Air India to operate some routes and offering rebooking or refunds for delayed or cancelled flights.

Air India Express, a renowned low-cost carrier subsidiary of Air India, encountered significant operational disruptions on Friday, leading to the cancellation of approximately 75 flights.

The airline, a popular choice for budget-conscious travellers, is renowned for its extensive domestic and international network. However, the recent disruptions have raised concerns among passengers regarding the reliability of the carrier’s services.

What Caused the Cancellations?

The primary reason behind the cancellations stemmed from a shortage of cabin crew. The airline reported that several crew members took sudden sick leave, impacting their ability to operate scheduled flights. This resulted in over 100 cancellations, affecting roughly 15,000 passengers since Tuesday.

Impact on Operations

The cancellations, which began on Tuesday night, have resulted in a significant revenue loss estimated to be around Rs 30 crore for the airline. With a fleet of over 25 aircraft serving numerous destinations, the disruptions have affected thousands of passengers, causing inconvenience and uncertainty about their travel plans.


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Airline’s Response and Passenger Options

Air India Express took swift action to address the situation. They unfortunately had to cancel around 85 flights on Thursday, representing approximately 20% of their daily operations.

To minimize passenger inconvenience, the airline:

1. Worked with Air India: Air India, their parent company, stepped in to operate flights on 20 routes originally planned for Air India Express.


2. Offered Rebooking and Refunds: Passengers impacted by cancellations or delays exceeding three hours were given the option of a full refund or rebooking on a later flight at no additional cost. This could be done via their website or a dedicated WhatsApp number (+91 6360012345).

Regulatory Response

The Ministry of Civil Aviation requested a report from Air India Express regarding the flight disruptions. They emphasized the need for a swift resolution to minimize passenger inconvenience and ensure airlines adhere to passenger assistance regulations.

While the exact reason behind the crew shortage remains undisclosed, Air India Express anticipates a return to normal operations by Sunday, May 12th. They are actively working to rectify the operational issues and prevent similar situations in the future.

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Passenger Advice

If you have an upcoming flight with Air India Express, it’s advisable to:

  • Check Flight Status: Verify the status of your flight directly with the airline before heading to the airport. This can be done through their website or mobile app.
  • Contact Airline for Assistance: In case of cancellations or delays, reach out to Air India Express for rebooking or refund options. Their customer service department can be contacted via phone or their website.

This situation highlights the importance of clear communication from airlines during disruptions. Passengers should be kept informed and offered reasonable options to minimize the impact on their travel plans.

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