Revised Air Service Agreement Brings More Flights Between India and UK

India and the UK are taking their relationship to new heights with a revised air service agreement. This means more flights between major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and London, offering travellers increased choice, better connectivity, and potentially lower fares.

Great news for travellers between India and the UK! Both countries have revised their air service agreement, paving the way for a significant increase in flight options. This move promises to strengthen business ties, tourism, and overall connectivity.

What’s the Update?

The revised agreement, signed in May 2024, allows airlines from both nations to operate an additional 14 weekly flights between London Heathrow and the key Indian cities of Delhi and Mumbai. This means a jump from the current 56 flights per week to a total of 70 by the upcoming winter season.

Benefits Abound

This expansion is expected to be a boon for travellers:

1. Increased Choice: Passengers will have more options when booking flights between India and the UK, potentially leading to greater competition and potentially lower fares.


2. Enhanced Connectivity: The additional flights will cater to the growing demand for travel between the two countries, making it easier for business travellers, students, and vacationers to connect seamlessly.

3. Trade Boost: Improved air connectivity is expected to further strengthen the already robust trade relationship between India and the UK.

Who Stands to Gain?

While airlines from both countries can benefit from the increased traffic rights, Indian carriers currently have more room for growth. Air India and Vistara currently operate 38 flights per week on these routes, compared to the UK carriers who have already maxed out their previous allotment of 56 flights. This opens doors for Indian airlines to expand their offerings.

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Passenger Trends

The popularity of this route is evident in the passenger numbers. Nearly four million people flew between India and the UK in 2023, with Delhi and London Heathrow being the busiest hubs. Mumbai and London Gatwick followed closely, with Manchester and Kochi airports seeing significant traffic as well.

Airlines in Focus

Major players in this market include Air India, British Airways, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, and Etihad. Notably, Air India holds the highest passenger share at around 30%, followed by Emirates with close to 10%.

Virgin Atlantic has already capitalized on the anticipated growth by announcing a second London-Mumbai service starting in October 2024.


This revision in the air service agreement signifies a promising step towards a more connected future for India and the UK. So, get ready to explore the vibrant streets of London or the bustling bazaars of India with greater ease!


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