VBM: 58 More Flights Scheduled For Tamil Nadu


The Center has informed the Madras Supreme Court that 58 more Vande Bharat Mission flights will land in Tamil Nadu, bringing stranded state residents around the world due to the lockdown caused by COVID-19.

“Of them, 41 will land in Chennai, 11 in Trichy, 4 in Coimbatore, and 2 in Madurai,” additional solicitor general of India R Sankaranarayanan said.

According to a published report, three flights from Dubai and Abu Dhabi were reported to have landed in Chennai empty as there were no passengers to take the flights.

To this end, senior lawyer P Wilson, who represents DMK, said travel agencies book the entire flight and later sell the tickets at high prices.


Mr. Wilson further claimed that only due to legal intervention, more flights from the Vande Bharat Mission were offered, which to date have helped all stranded passengers reach their destinations.

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He said that even according to the governments of the Union, out of 149 flights required to carry 25,939 stranded passengers, only 58 were offered.

Additional flights are needed to bring all stranded residents of the state back, he added.


As Mr. Sankaranarayanan submitted a full flight schedule for such flights, which will be available on July 30, the bank adjourned the hearing.

The problem concerns a plea filed by DMK that the state government has refused permission to land such mission flights at the state’s international airports.

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During the hearing, the state claimed that it had no objection to the receipt of flights that would bring stranded Tamils ​​from different countries back due to the lockdown.


Moreover, the Covid-19 cases keep rising in the country day by day. Let’s fight this worst situation together by,

Wearing Mask. Keeping Physical Distance. Maintaining Hygiene.

Stay safe. Have a safe Traveling!

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