VBM: IndiGo, GoAir To Operate 47 Additional Flights From Saudi Arabia


The embassy of India in Saudi Arabia in a Press Release on Sunday announce 47 additional flights from Saudi Arabia to India between 21 July and 31 July, Under the Vande Bharat Mission Phase 4.

All the flights are scheduled from Dammam, Riyadh, and Jeddah to various Indian cities and will be operated by private airline IndiGo and GoAir.

As per the schedule shared by the Embassy of India, 32 Flights will be operated by IndiGo and 15 Flights by GoAir.

Here is the full schedule share by the Embassy of India.


Vande Bharat Mission Additional Flights From Saudi Arabia

S. NoDateFlight No.DepartureDestinationAirline
121.07.20206E 8789DammamKozhikodeIndiGo
221.07.20206E 8782DammamKochiIndiGo
322.07.20206E 8798DammamHyderabadIndiGo
422.07.20206E 8783DammamTrivandrumIndiGo
522.07.20206E 8786DammamKannurIndiGo
623.07.20206E 8782DammamKochiIndiGo
723.07.20206E 8772RiyadhLucknowIndiGo
823.07.20206E 8779RiyadhVisakhapatnamIndiGo
923.07.20206E 8762RiyadhChennaiIndiGo
1023.07.20206E 8794DammamBengaluruIndiGo
1123.07.20206E 8774RiyadhMumbaiIndiGo
1224.07.20206E 8789DammamKozhikodeIndiGo
1324.07.20206E 8796DammamLucknowIndiGo
1425.07.20206E 8786DammamKannurIndiGo
1524.07.20206E 8778RiyadhSrinagarIndiGo
1624.07.20206E 8764RiyadhBengaluruIndiGo
1724.07.2020G8 9904RiyadhKozhikodeGoAir
1824.07.20206E 8776RiyadhHyderabadIndiGo
1924.07.2020G8 9922JeddahKozhikodeGoAir
2024.07.20206E 8792DammamChennaiIndiGo
2125.07.20206E 8774RiyadhMumbai IndiGo
2225.07.2020G8 9906RiyadhKozhikodeGoAir
2325.07.20206E 8772RiyadhLucknowIndiGo
2425.07.20206E 8768RiyadhDelhiIndiGo
2525.07.20206E 8776RiyadhHyderabadIndiGo
2625.07.2020G8 9920JeddahKozhikodeGoAir
2725.07.20206E 8794DammamBengaluruIndiGo
2826.07.20206E 8646DammamSrinagarIndiGo
2926.07.2020G8 9924DammamKozhikodeGoAir
3026.07.2020G8 9908RiyadhKozhikodeGoAir
3126.07.20206E 8762RiyadhChennaiIndiGo
3226.07.20206E 8767RiyadhJaipurIndiGo
3326.07.20206E 8792DammamChennaiIndiGo
3427.07.2020G8 9918DammamKozhikodeGoAir
3527.07.2020G8 9911DammamKochiGoAir
3627.07.20206E 8764RiyadhBengaluruIndiGo
3727.07.20206E 8789DammamKozhikodeIndiGo
3827.07.20206E 8782DammamKochiIndiGo
3928.07.2020G8 9926DammamKochiGoAir
4028.07.2020G8 9913DammamTrivandrumGoAir
4128.07.20206E 8786DammamKannurIndiGo
4228.07.20206E 8768RiyadhDelhiIndiGo
4329.07.2020G8 9928DammamTrivandrumGoAir
4429.07.2020G8 9930DammamKochiGoAir
4530.07.2020G8 9932DammamKozhikodeGoAir
4630.07.2020G8 9916DammamTrivandrumGoAir
4731.07.2020G8 9902RiyadhKozhikodeGoAir

To travel in these special flights operated by IndiGo, GoAir pre-registration with the embassy will require and tickets will be available directly with Airline offices.

The embassy further said that “Indian nationals who wish to travel on these flights and have already registered at the embassy portal may directly approach the offices of the respective airlines to purchase tickets on a first come first serve basis, three days prior to the departure of the flight.”

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