Saudi Arabia Makes Biometric Registration Mandatory for Expatriate Families

Saudi Arabia has introduced mandatory fingerprint registration for dependents of expatriates aged 6 or above. This regulation aims to enhance security and simplify access to government services and visas for foreign residents.

The General Directorate of Passports (GDP) in Saudi Arabia has issued a mandate for all expatriates residing in the Kingdom to register the fingerprints of their family members aged six or above.

This new regulation, effective immediately, aims to streamline processes and improve security measures for individuals living, working, or visiting Saudi Arabia.

Enhanced Service Access

Registering dependents’ fingerprints is deemed essential for accessing various government services and securing official documents. The GDP emphasizes that compliance with this regulation ensures smooth interaction with authorities and seamless navigation of essential procedures.

Digital Visa Extensions for Exit/Re-entry Visa Holders


Recognizing the needs of foreign residents, Saudi authorities recently introduced convenient visa options for expatriates. Exit/re-entry visas now allow foreign residents to return to the Kingdom until the expiry of their valid visas, offering greater flexibility and ease of movement.


Remote Visa Extension

Further simplifying procedures, the GDP announced electronic visa extensions for exit/re-entry visa holders while they are outside Saudi Arabia. This convenient option enables visa extensions through the Absher platform or Muqeem portal with online payment of associated fees.

Visa Validity Requirements

For smooth processing of exit/re-entry and final exit visas, foreign nationals are advised to ensure their passports hold at least 90 days of validity for exit/re-entry applications and 60 days for final exit visas.

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Expat Community in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia plays host to a vibrant and diverse community of expatriate workers, contributing significantly to the Kingdom’s economic and social landscape.


Recent data from the Saudi General Authority for Statistics reveals that foreigners constitute approximately 41.5% of the total population of 32.2 million.

Leading Nationalities

Asian nationals dominate the expatriate population in Saudi Arabia, with Bangladeshi citizens leading the way at 2.1 million, followed by Indians (1.88 million) and Pakistanis (1.81 million). Other prominent expat communities include Yemenis, Egyptians, Sudanese, Filipinos, and Syrians.

The implementation of mandatory biometric registration reflects Saudi Arabia’s commitment to enhancing administrative efficiency and facilitating a secure and streamlined environment for both its citizens and resident expatriates.

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