Saudi Arabia Unveils Online Visa Platform for All Travellers!

Saudi Arabia's new unified platform,, makes applying for Hajj, Umrah, tourist, and work visas a breeze. Apply online, track your application in real-time, and receive decisions within 3 business days.

In a major move to streamline visa applications and attract foreign visitors, Saudi Arabia has launched a unified online platform, The revelation took place on Tuesday during Almansouri’s address at the Digital Government Forum (DGF) in Riyadh.

Announced by Assistant Minister for Executive Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abdulhadi Almansouri during the Digital Government Forum (DGF), the platform marks a significant step towards the Kingdom’s ambitious tourism goals.

Apply for Any Saudi Visa Online Now!

The newly launched simplifies the visa process for diverse travellers, catering to visitors seeking Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages, tourism adventures, and work opportunities.

Saudi Arabia Unified Visa Platform

Applicants using the beta version of the platform can not only submit their visa applications online but also benefit from a streamlined tracking system. According to some reports, the majority of visa applications will be processed within a swift three-business-day timeframe.


Free Transit Visa

Apart from the Unified visa platform, to boost tourism in the Kindom, earlier this year, the country introduced a four-day free transit visa, accessible through Saudia Airlines and Flynas, allowing visitors to perform Umrah and explore Medina. By the end of 2023, Saudi Arabia aims to welcome 25 million foreign tourists.

Tailored Solutions for Indian Pilgrims

Recognizing the significance of Indian pilgrims, Saudi Arabia is developing a specialized system to enhance the flexibility of their journey, particularly for women embarking on solo Umrah trips.

The new measures include an extension of the Umrah visa duration to 90 days and the introduction of a four-day transit visa, addressing the increasing number of Indian pilgrims.

Boosting Tourism Through Innovation

These initiatives fall in line with Saudi Arabia’s broader tourism push. Previously, the Kingdom facilitated visa access for nationals of 63 countries and eligible residence visa holders. Additionally, initiatives like the four-day free transit visa for Umrah and Medina attracted many visitors earlier this year.


As Saudi Arabia continues to unveil initiatives geared towards tourism growth, the nation solidifies its commitment to becoming a premier destination for global travellers.

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