Fly to Saudi Arabia and Get a Free Transit Visa: Here’s How!

SAUDIA has launched a new service that links transit visas with flight tickets, making it the first airline to do so. The “Your Ticket Your Visa” service allows guests to stay in the Kingdom for up to 96 hours, during which they can travel around and perform Umrah.

SAUDIA, the national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, has become the first airline to launch the “Your Ticket Your Visa” service, providing guests with even easier access to the Kingdom through a digital integration system that links transit visas with flight tickets.

A digital integration system linking transit visas with flight tickets

The new service, launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, the Pilgrims Service Program, and the Saudi Tourism Authority, covers all international airports in the Kingdom.

It allows guests to stay in the Kingdom for up to 96 hours, during which they can travel around and perform Umrah. The digital integration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs facilitates the issuing of the transit visa and links it to the flight ticket within three minutes.

SAUDIA Free Transit Visa

How to book a free Transit Visa with SAUDIA?

Here are a few simple steps for booking a free transit visa with SAUDIA:

  1. Choose your international departure and arrival destinations.
  2. Select the flights that have the best connection time for you, with a maximum of 96 hours.
  3. If you don’t have a valid document to enter Saudi Arabia, apply for a transit visa from the additional services page on the SAUDIA website.
  4. Before filling out the form, make sure to have your personal photos on your device, with the required specifications (200 * 200px file size -20kb).
  5. Pay for the ticket and visa in one step on the SAUDIA website.
  6. After completing the previous steps, you will receive an email with the issued visa and insurance for the duration of your stay in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Transit Visa

Here is some additional information about the electronic transit visa:

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issues the electronic Transit visa.
  • The visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issuance, with a residence period of 96 hours.
  • The transit visa cannot be extended.
  • A single visa allows for one stopover trip. If you have additional trips that require a stopover in Saudi Arabia, you’ll need another transit visa.
  • The fees for the visa, electronic service, medical, and insurance are calculated based on the regulations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Note that obtaining the electronic transit visa does not guarantee entry to Saudi Arabia, as passport officers will verify the validity of the submitted documents.

Encouraging passengers to perform Umrah, visit key destinations and attend events

The launch of the service is in line with SAUDIA’s commitment to promote King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah and strengthen its role in the region.

The airline has configured its flights coming from the east and departing to the west, collaborating with the Jeddah Airports Company, and coordinating with the Saudi Tourism Authority to provide incentive packages for those wishing to benefit from the “Your Ticket Your Visa” service.

A part of SAUDIA’s digital services

The ‘Your Ticket Your Visa’ service is part of the digital services provided by SAUDIA via its website and smart applications, which are constantly evolving to facilitate and simplify travel procedures and make a shift in the after-sales services.


In conclusion, SAUDIA’s new “Your Ticket Your Visa” service is a significant milestone in the aviation industry and a testament to the airline’s commitment to supporting the Kingdom’s strategic goal of reaching 100 million visits by 2030.

The innovative and seamless Stopover Visa will positively impact the growing number of transit passengers while enhancing SAUDIA’s position as a hub that connects East and West.

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