Saudi Arabia Orders Free Extension of Iqama, Exit, Visit, Re-Entry Visas


The General Directorate of Passports (immigration authority) on Monday began, automatically, extending the validity of the Iqamas (residency permits), Exit, Re-Entry, and Visit Visas for free of cost, for countries from which arrival was suspended to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

All the visas which are going to expire will be extended until June 2, 2021 free of cost, the Saudi Press Agency reported citing a royal order.

The extension issued by the Minister of Finance falls within the ongoing efforts taken by the government of Saudi Arabia to deal with the impacts and fallouts of the global COVID-19 pandemic, in the context of the precautionary measures and preventive procedures that guarantee the safety of citizens as well as residents and contribute to mitigating the economic and financial effects of the pandemic.

The immigration authority confirmed that the extension will automatically take place, in collaboration with the National Information Center, with no need to report to the directorate of passports offices.


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