New Visa Options: Japan Eases Immigration for Foreign Workers

Japan is making a strategic move to attract skilled tech professionals from India and Southeast Asia. To facilitate this, Japan is considering revising its residency status system and allowing business establishment procedures to be conducted in English.

Japan is shaking up its immigration system, making it easier for foreign workers to contribute to the country’s economic growth. This move is a two-pronged attack, aiming to attract skilled tech talent from India and Southeast Asia while also addressing labour shortages in specific sectors.

A Four-Pronged Approach for Growth

The Japanese government is focusing on four key areas to achieve its goals:

  1. Boosting Investment Opportunities: By creating a more attractive investment landscape, Japan aims to draw in foreign capital.
  2. Securing Skilled Tech Workers: A key focus is attracting highly skilled professionals from India and Southeast Asia to fill crucial tech roles.
  3. Promoting Collaboration: Encouraging partnerships between Japanese and foreign companies is seen as a way to foster innovation and growth.
  4. Enhancing Living and Working Conditions: Japan is committed to improving the overall business and living environment to retain talent.

Revamping Immigration Policies

To facilitate the influx of skilled tech workers, Japan is considering revising its residency status system. This will streamline the process for Indian and Southeast Asian professionals to obtain work visas.

Additionally, the government is exploring allowing business establishment procedures to be conducted in English, making it easier for foreign companies to set up shop in Japan.


Tatsunori Ibayashi, Deputy Minister of the Cabinet Office, reiterated the government’s dedication to achieving the 100 trillion yen investment target, affirming their commitment to accelerating efforts in this regard.

New Visa System to Address Labor Shortages

Image of Japan Visa Sticker

Beyond attracting tech talent, Japan is addressing labour shortages in specific sectors, particularly in rural areas. The new Specified Skills visa will allow lower-skilled foreign workers to contribute to industries like agriculture, nursing care, construction, and manufacturing.

This visa system replaces the controversial Technical Intern Training Program (TITP), which has faced criticism for various violations and irregularities.

The new visa system promises greater transparency and adherence to regulations in the admission and employment of foreign labourers.


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New Roles to Skilled Foreign Worker Visa

Recently, Japan has been expanding its skilled worker visa program to include new industries like transportation and forestry, aiming to address critical labour shortages. The newly incorporated sectors include;

  1. Road
  2. Railway Transportation
  3. Forestry
  4. Timber Industries

Japan to Welcome Over 820,000 Skilled Foreign Workers

In an ambitious move, the Japanese government has set its sights on welcoming over 820,000 skilled foreign workers through its visa program in the next five fiscal years, beginning in April. This target signifies a remarkable increase, more than doubling the initial estimation set for the preceding five years up to fiscal 2023.

A Path to Long-Term Residency

The Japanese government is also considering a path to permanent residency for foreign workers. Those with advanced skills and experience can potentially upgrade their status to a long-term residency visa. This pilot program is planned to begin in the construction and shipbuilding industries in the coming fiscal year.


Final Words

Overall, this initiative by the Japanese government represents a significant shift towards attracting and retaining skilled foreign workers. By offering a more welcoming environment and streamlined immigration processes, Japan hopes to unlock its economic potential and foster innovation.

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