Ministry of Railways issues revised guidelines on cancellation and refund


The Ministry of Railways, India has issued revised guidelines on cancellation of already booked tickets and refund of fare, with effect from March 21.

“Full refund of cancellation amount so deducted, on cancellation of already booked reserved tickets, for journey period starting from March 21, 2020.”

1. Refund for trains cancelled by Indian Railways

The guidelines from the Ministry of Railways states, “Refund across the counter can be taken on submission of Ticket up to six months from date of journey (instead of 3 days excluding day of journey).”

2. Refund for E-ticket

It is auto refunded as per the guidelines. The refund of the balance amount of cancellation charge so deducted shall be credited to the account of the passengers from which ticket was booked. CRIS and IRCTC shall prepare a utility for providing a balance refund amount of cancellation charge.


3. Refund For train not cancelled

If the passenger does not want to perform the journey, the guidelines state, “As a special case, a full refund for already booked reserved tickets, both PSR counter generated and E-tickets shall be given.”

4. Refund for PSR counter tickets

Passengers can file TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) within six months from date of journey (instead of 3 days) at the station and submit the detailed TDR within next sixty days (instead of 10 days) to Chief Claims Officer/CCM Refund’s office for getting the refund amount, subject to verification. E-tickets: Online cancellation and refund facility is available.

Passengers can also cancel PSR counter tickets through 139 or through the website of IRCTC and get across the counter within six months from the date of the journey (Instead of, up to the scheduled departure of the train).


For PSR counter tickets passengers who have already cancelled their tickets for the said journey period starting from March 21 can apply for a refund of the balance amount of cancellation charge deducted to the office of Chief claims officer or Chief Commercial Managers Refund (CCM-Refund) of concerned Zonal Railways

The application for the claiming refund of the balance amount of cancellation charge so deducted can be made through the post in the prescribed format (enclosed) within six months of the scheduled date of journey.

Earlier, the railways had ordered to allow passengers with only confirmed e-tickets. Booking of RAC/Waiting list tickets and onboard booking by ticket checking staff were not be permitted.

(With input from Ministry of Railway and Mint)


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