Kuwait Plans Family Visas for Expats in Specific Fields

Kuwait is considering a pilot program called "Article 22 visas" that will allow certain skilled expatriates, like doctors and university professors, to bring their families to live in the country. This initiative, starting early 2024, seeks to attract and retain crucial talent while maintaining demographic balance.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior is exploring the introduction of “Article 22 visas” for family members of certain expatriates starting early next year. This move aligns with a broader demographic strategy aimed at attracting and retaining skilled professionals.

What is ‘Article 22 Visas’?

Article 22 visas in Kuwait are like special “Family Visas” for some expats, like doctors and teachers. They can bring their loved ones to live with them, making life easier and attracting skilled workers. But it’s not open to everyone yet, just a few important groups for now.

Limited Scope

Initially, the new visa option will be available only to specific groups like doctors, university professors, applied education instructors, and counsellors.

The eligibility criteria, based on various factors, are still under development. A dedicated committee will define the exact conditions and categories allowed to bring families to Kuwait.


This initiative falls under the demographic vision championed by the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al Khaled. It aims to optimize the population composition while ensuring access to crucial skills and expertise.

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Focus on Medical Staff

In August 2023, the ministry approved family visas for medical staff in the Health Ministry under specific conditions. This pilot program for expatriate families marks a cautious reopening aimed at stabilizing the healthcare sector.

Unified Gulf Visa Mechanism

The sources also clarified that the unified Gulf visa mechanism, with a KD100 daily fine for overstaying, health insurance requirements, and pre-booked hotel reservations, remains in effect across the GCC countries.


No Immediate Resumption of Family Visas

Despite speculations on social media, the ministry confirmed that the general issuance of family visas for all expatriates is currently suspended.

However, a new mechanism for all types of entry visas is under consideration, with a focus on demographic balance and family reunification.

Salary Requirement Increase Under Review

Part of the ongoing regulatory review involves increasing the salary requirement for obtaining a family visa from KD500 to KD800 for expatriates in both the public and private sectors.

This adjustment reflects the evolving economic landscape and aims to ensure the well-being of expatriate families.


As Kuwait advances in shaping its immigration policies, the proposed ‘Article 22 visas’ signal a strategic step towards a more inclusive and balanced expatriate community.

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