New Air India Baggage Policy: What You Need to Know

Air India has introduced a new baggage policy for domestic flights, allowing passengers to choose the amount of check-in baggage based on the fare family they select. This provides more flexibility and lets travellers choose the option that best suits their needs and budget.

Air India, one of India’s leading airlines, has recently implemented revisions to its baggage policy for domestic travel. These changes come as part of the airline’s efforts to streamline its services and align its offerings more closely with those of its competitors.

Air India’s new baggage policy for domestic flights aims to provide passengers with more flexibility and value when choosing their fares.

Air India’s New Baggage Policy

Effective May 2nd, Air India has adjusted its checked-in baggage allowance across different fare categories. The adjustment varies based on the ticket price chosen by passengers, with reductions ranging from 5 to 15 kilograms.

Previously, Air India offered a set baggage allowance based on the cabin class you booked. Now, the allowance depends on the specific fare family you select within your chosen cabin class. Here’s a breakdown of the new allowances:

Cabin ClassComfort & Comfort PlusFlex
Economy Class15 kg (Down from 20 & 25 kg)25 kg (Unchanged)
Premium Economy15 kg (Down from 30 kg)25 kg (Down from 35 kg)
Business Class25 kg (Down from 35 kg)35 kg (Down from 40 kg)

Menu-Based Pricing Model

Last year, Air India introduced a menu-based pricing model comprising ‘fare families’ named Comfort, Comfort Plus, and Flex. These fare categories offer passengers various benefits and restrictions at different price points, allowing them to tailor their travel experience to their preferences.

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Why the Change?

Air India’s new fare families, introduced last year, offer various benefits and restrictions based on price points. This baggage policy revision aligns with that concept, allowing passengers to choose the level of service (including baggage allowance) that best suits their needs and budget.

More Choice, More Value

Air India emphasizes that fare families provide greater choice and value. For instance, the difference between Comfort Plus and Flex fares for a Delhi-Mumbai flight might be around Rs. 1,000. However, the Flex fare offers several advantages, such as:

  • 10 kg extra baggage allowance
  • Free change or cancellation of flights
  • More loyalty points
  • Wider selection of free seat choices

Matching the Competition

Air India’s revised policy brings them closer to competitors’ offerings. Here’s a quick comparison:

  • IndiGo (Low-Cost Carrier): 15 kg allowance for all Economy passengers.
  • Vistara (Full-Service Carrier): Similar fare family concept, but with slightly higher baggage allowance in some categories compared to Air India’s new policy.

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The Takeaway

Air India’s revamped baggage policy offers passengers more control over their travel experience. By selecting different fare families within a cabin class, you can choose the baggage allowance that best fits your needs and budget. Consider all the benefits included in each fare family to maximize the value you get for your money.

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