Air India Express Evacuation Schedule, Bookings Open for Phase 2


Air India express on Thursday has open bookings of special flights to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Doha, Kuwait, Bahrain, Kuala Lumpur, and Salalah.

The airline will operate a total of 36 Flights out of 149 flights between May 16 and May 23 under Vande Bharat Mission Phase 2.

As per Air India Express, bookings of these special flights are only for those people who are under the allowed category of the destination country.

Air India Express Repatriation Flights Schedule ex-India

Flights to Abu Dhabi

DateFlt DesgOriginDept TimeDestinationArrv TimeCapacity
16-05-20IX 0537Kozhikode13:50Abu Dhabi16:00177 / 180
16-05-20*IX 0363Kozhikode14:50Abu Dhabi17:00177 / 180
17-05-20IX 0419Kochi11:30Abu Dhabi14:15177 / 180
18-05-20*IX 0419Kochi11:30Abu Dhabi14:15177 / 180
23-05-20IX 0715Kannur11:00Abu Dhabi13:30177 / 180

Flights to Bahrain

DateFlt DesgOriginDept TimeDestinationArrv TimeCapacity
19-05-20IX 0889Mumbai11:10Bahrain12:30177 / 180
22-05-20IX 0473Thiruvan..10:05Bahrain12:35177 / 180

Flights to Doha

DateFlt DesgOriginDept TimeDestinationArrv TimeCapacity
18-05-20IX 0373Kozhikode13:00Doha14:35177 / 180
19-05-20IX 0773Kannur16:00Doha17:40177 / 180
20-05-20IX 0243Mumbai11:00Doha12:00177 / 180
21-05-20IX 0475Kochi11:00Doha13:05177 / 180
22-05-20IX 0821Mangaluru11:00Doha12:30177 / 180

Flights to Dubai

DateFlt DesgOriginDept TimeDestinationArrv TimeCapacity
16-05-20IX 0435Kochi09:15Dubai12:00177 / 180
17-05-20*IX 0435Kochi08:30Dubai11:15177 / 180
17-05-20*IX 0343Kannur12:00Dubai14:30177 / 180
18-05-20IX 0813Mangaluru10:00Dubai12:30177 / 180
19-05-20IX 0141Delhi10:00Dubai12:00177 / 180
20-05-20*IX 0435Kochi09:15Dubai12:00177 / 180
21-05-20*IX 0537Thiruvan..11:30Dubai14:00177 / 180
22-05-20IX 0247Chennai10:05Dubai13:00177 / 180
22-05-20*IX 0435Kochi11:30Dubai14:15177 / 180
23-05-20IX 0435Kochi10:00Dubai12:45177 / 180
23-05-20IX 0343Kozhikode11:30Dubai14:10177 / 180

Flights to Kuala Lumpur

DateFlt DesgOriginDept TimeDestinationArrv TimeCapacity
19-05-20IX 0684Kochi13:00Kuala Lumpur19:40177 / 180
21-05-20IX 0682Tiruchirappalli13:00Kuala Lumpur19:25177 / 180

Flights to Kuwait

DateFlt DesgOriginDept TimeDestinationArrv TimeCapacity
19-05-20IX 0789Kannur10:55Kuwait13:10177 / 180
20-05-20IX 0395Thiruvan..09:45Kuwait12:45177 / 180

Flights to Muscat

DateFlt DesgOriginDept TimeDestinationArrv TimeCapacity
17-05-20IX 0549Thiruvan..10:00Muscat12:15177 / 180
18-05-20IX 0817Mumbai11:00Muscat12:05177 / 180
20-05-20IX 0817Mangaluru10:35Muscat12:15177 / 180
21-05-20*IX 0337Kozhikode08:30Muscat10:25177 / 180
21-05-20IX 0549Delhi10:00Muscat11:35177 / 180
22-05-20IX 0713Kannur11:30Muscat13:45177 / 180
23-05-20IX 0443Thiruvan..10:30Muscat12:45177 / 180
23-05-20*IX 0549Thiruvana..12:30Muscat14:45177 / 180

Flights to Salalah

DateFlt DesgOriginDept TimeDestinationArrv TimeCapacity
20-05-20IX 0341Thiruvana..11:30Salalah14:25177 / 180

*Subject to slot approvals


All the flights are open for sale and bookings can done on the Air India Express’s official website.

Air India Express Delhi-Muscat Flight

The eligibility criteria depend on Departure and Arrival country and we suggest you check your eligibility first before making any booking.

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