Vistara To Fly Govt Doctors And Medical Supplies Free of Cost


Amid the massive surge in Coronavirus cases in India, Vistara has offered to fly Medical Supplies, Doctors, and Nurses from government organizations and hospitals free of cost across its domestic network.

Vistara, in a letter to the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) on Sunday offering to “help government organisations/hospitals in immediate need of air logistics… will extend as much support as possible based on the availability of cargo space…. handling of ground transport to/from the airport would need to be managed by the requesting organisation.”

The personnel who avail of this service will have to mandatorily follow all the travel-related SOPs and present relevant identification and documentation. Due to the limited availability of seats, we will accommodate these people on a first-come-first-serve basis. For all related requests, please reach out to as with supporting documents at [email protected], said Vistara in the letter.

Wish to commend generous offer by @airvistara to Govt Organisations and Hospitals in immediate need of air logistics. They’ve also offered to fly Doctors & Nurses representing Govt organisations, free of cost, across the domestic network. Let’s fight the pandemic together!,” said the Ministry of Civil Aviation in a tweet.


Recently the airline has also requested people to “travel only if necessary” despite the financial ramifications of such an appeal. “We urge you to travel only if necessary and if you do, please follow all safety protocols which help us in keeping the skies safe for you!” Vistara said in a tweet.

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