VBM: Air India Express January Flight Schedule For Malaysia


Budget carrier Air India Express will operate a total of 47 flights between India and Malaysia in January 2021, under the Vande Bharat Mission.

The airline on Wednesday announced the complete schedule of flight for January 2021 and as per the flight schedule posted on the official website of AI Express it will connect Kuala Lumpur and Bengaluru(3), Chennai(4), Delhi(6), Hyderabad(2), Kochi(3), Trichy(6) and Vijayawada(2)

“#FlyWithIX: More connectivity to #KualaLumpur! We are operating more flights between India and Kuala Lumpur in January.” Air India Express posted on Twitter.

Air India Express January 2021 Evacuation Flight Schedule For Malaysia

Air India Express Flights From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to India

DateFlight No.DepartureDep. TimeArrivalArrv. Time
4-Jan-21IX  1625Kuala Lumpur17:10Trichy18:25
6-Jan-21IX  1121Kuala Lumpur16:00Delhi18:50
7-Jan-21IX  1621Kuala Lumpur17:25Chennai19:20
7-Jan-21IX  1421Kuala Lumpur14:45Bengaluru16:30
7-Jan-21IX  1421Bengaluru17:15Kochi18:15
8-Jan-21IX  1921Kuala Lumpur17:00Vijayawada18:30
8-Jan-21IX  1921Vijayawada19:15Hyderabad20:15
11-Jan-21IX  1625Kuala Lumpur17:10Trichy18:25
12-Jan-21IX  1121Kuala Lumpur16:00Delhi18:50
13-Jan-21IX  1121Kuala Lumpur16:00Delhi18:50
13-Jan-21IX  1625Kuala Lumpur17:10Trichy18:25
14-Jan-21IX  1621Kuala Lumpur17:25Chennai19:20
14-Jan-21IX  1421Kuala Lumpur14:45Bengaluru16:30
14-Jan-21IX  1421Bengaluru17:15Kochi18:15
18-Jan-21IX  1625Kuala Lumpur17:10Trichy18:25
20-Jan-21IX  1121Kuala Lumpur16:00Delhi18:50
20-Jan-21IX  1625Kuala Lumpur17:10Trichy18:25
21-Jan-21IX  1621Kuala Lumpur17:25Chennai19:20
21-Jan-21IX  1421Kuala Lumpur14:45Bengaluru16:30
21-Jan-21IX  1421Bengaluru17:15Kochi18:15
22-Jan-21IX  1921Kuala Lumpur17:00Vijayawada18:30
22-Jan-21IX  1921Vijayawada19:15Hyderabad20:15
25-Jan-21IX  1625Kuala Lumpur17:10Trichy18:25
26-Jan-21IX  1121Kuala Lumpur16:00Delhi18:50
27-Jan-21IX  1121Kuala Lumpur16:00Delhi18:50
28-Jan-21IX  1621Kuala Lumpur17:25Chennai19:20

Air India Express Flights From India to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

DateFlight No.DepartureDep. TimeArrivalArrv Time
4-Jan-21IX  1624Trichy9:45Kuala Lumpur16:10
6-Jan-21IX  1122Delhi7:15Kuala Lumpur15:00
7-Jan-21IX  1622Chennai9:30Kuala Lumpur16:25
7-Jan-21IX  1422Kochi7:00Kuala Lumpur13:45
8-Jan-21IX  1922Hyderabad9:15Kuala Lumpur16:00
11-Jan-21IX  1624Trichy9:45Kuala Lumpur16:10
12-Jan-21IX  1122Delhi7:15Kuala Lumpur15:00
13-Jan-21IX  1122Delhi7:15Kuala Lumpur15:00
13-Jan-21IX  1624Trichy9:45Kuala Lumpur16:10
14-Jan-21IX  1622Chennai9:30Kuala Lumpur16:25
14-Jan-21IX  1422Kochi7:00Kuala Lumpur13:45
18-Jan-21IX  1624Trichy9:45Kuala Lumpur16:10
20-Jan-21IX  1122Delhi7:15Kuala Lumpur15:00
20-Jan-21IX  1624Trichy9:45Kuala Lumpur16:10
21-Jan-21IX  1622Chennai9:30Kuala Lumpur16:25
21-Jan-21IX  1422Kochi7:00Kuala Lumpur13:45
22-Jan-21IX  1922Hyderabad9:15Kuala Lumpur16:00
25-Jan-21IX  1624Trichy9:45Kuala Lumpur16:10
26-Jan-21IX  1122Delhi7:15Kuala Lumpur15:00
27-Jan-21IX  1122Delhi7:15Kuala Lumpur15:00
28-Jan-21IX  1622Chennai9:30Kuala Lumpur16:25

Air India Express has also opened the booking for flights between India and Malaysia, tickets can be booked through the Air India Express website, Call Centre, City Office, or Authorised travel agents.


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