Air India Express January Flight Schedule For Bahrain


Low-cost carrier Air India Express has announced its flight schedule for the month of January 2021.

As per the schedule updated on the official website, the airline will operate a total of 24 flights between India and Bahrain starting from January 04. The flights will connect Bahrain to India’s Trivandrum, Kochi, Kozhikode, and Kannur.

All the flights of Air India Express will be operated under the air bubble arrangement.

Air India Express January 2021 Evacuation Flight Schedule For Bahrain


Air India Express Flights From Bahrain to India

DateFlight No.DepartureDep. TimeArrivalArrv. Time
4-Jan-21IX  1574Bahrain12:00Trivandrum19:10
5-Jan-21IX  1474Bahrain12:00Kochi19:05
6-Jan-21IX  1376Bahrain12:00Kozhikode19:00
11-Jan-21IX  1790Bahrain12:00Kannur18:55
12-Jan-21IX  1474Bahrain12:00Kochi19:05
13-Jan-21IX  1376Bahrain12:00Kozhikode19:00
18-Jan-21IX  1574Bahrain12:00Trivandrum19:10
19-Jan-21IX  1474Bahrain12:00Kochi19:05
20-Jan-21IX  1376Bahrain12:00Kozhikode19:00
25-Jan-21IX  1790Bahrain12:00Kannur18:55
26-Jan-21IX  1474Bahrain12:00Kochi19:05
27-Jan-21IX  1376Bahrain12:00Kozhikode19:00
Air India Express Flights From Bahrain to India in January 2021

Air India Express Flights From India to Bahrain

DateFlight No.DepartureDep. TimeArrivalArrv Time
4-Jan-21IX  1573Trivandrum9:05Bahrain11:00
5-Jan-21IX  1473Kochi9:10Bahrain11:00
6-Jan-21IX  1375Kozhikode9:10Bahrain11:00
11-Jan-21IX  1789Kannur9:15Bahrain11:00
12-Jan-21IX  1473Kochi9:10Bahrain11:00
13-Jan-21IX  1375Kozhikode9:10Bahrain11:00
18-Jan-21IX  1573Trivandrum9:05Bahrain11:00
19-Jan-21IX  1473Kochi9:10Bahrain11:00
20-Jan-21IX  1375Kozhikode9:10Bahrain11:00
25-Jan-21IX  1789Kannur9:15Bahrain11:00
26-Jan-21IX  1473Kochi9:10Bahrain11:00
27-Jan-21IX  1375Kozhikode9:10Bahrain11:00
Air India Express Flights From India to Bahrain in January 2021

As per the air bubble agreement signed between India and Bahrain the following categories of persons are allowed to travel on such flights:

A. From India to Bahrain

  • Bahraini nationals/residents;
  • Any Indian national holding any type of valid visa from the Kingdom of Bahrain and destined for Bahrain only. It would be for the airlines concerned to ensure that there is no travel restriction for Indian nationals to enter Bahrain with the particular visa category before the issue of ticket/ boarding pass to the Indian passenger.

B. From Bahrain to India

  • Indian nationals stranded in Bahrain;
  • All Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cardholders holding Bahraini passports; and
  • Bahraini nationals (including diplomats) holding valid visas issued by an Indian Mission in any category covered under Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) guidelines dated 30.06.2020 as amended from time to time.

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