Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6: Air India Flights Schedule


Indian national carrier Air India on Saturday (15 August) announced it’s flight schedule for Phase 6 of Vande Bharat Mission. As per the published details, Phase 6 of VBM will start from 1st Sep 2020 and will continue till 1st Oct 2020.

Air India will operate a total of 31 flights under Phase 6 of Vande Bharat Mission which includes;

  • 1 Flight Between Delhi – Shanghai
  • 17 Flights Between Delhi – Toronto and
  • 13 Flights Between Delhi – Vancouver

Here is the full schedule of Air India Flights under the Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6

VBM Phase 6 : Air India Evacuation Flights Schedule ex India

S. No.DateFlight No.DepartureDep. TimeArrivalArr. TimeArr. Date
101-Sep-20Al 0187Delhi02:45Toronto07:1501-Sep-20
202-Sep-20Al 1143Delhi03:30Vancouver07:0002-Sep-20
302-Sep-20Al 1302Delhi11:40Shanghai20:2002-Sep-20
403-Sep-20Al 0187Delhi02:45Toronto07:1503-Sep-20
504-Sep-20Al 1143Delhi03:30Vancouver07:0004-Sep-20
b05-Sep-20Al 0187Delhi02:45Toronto07:1505-Sep-20
706-Sep-20Al 0187Delhi02:45Toronto07:1506-Sep-20
806-Sep-20Al 1143Delhi03:30Vancouver07:0006-Sep-20
908-Sep-20Al 0187Delhi02:45Toronto07:1508-Sep-20
1009-Sep-20Al 1143Delhi03:30Vancouver07:0009-Sep-20
1110-Sep-20Al 0187Delhi02:45Toronto07:1510-Sep-20
1211-Sep-20Al 1143Delhi03:30Vancouver07:0011-Sep-20
1312-Sep-20Al 0187Delhi02:45Toronto07:1512-Sep-20
1413-Sep-20Al 0187Delhi02:45Toronto07:1513-Sep-20
1513-Sep-20Al 1143Delhi03:30Vancouver07:0013-Sep-20
1615-Sep-20Al 0187Delhi02:45Toronto07:1515-Sep-20
1716-Sep-20Al 1143Delhi03:30Vancouver07:0016-Sep-20
1817-Sep-20Al 0187Delhi02:45Toronto07:1517-Sep-20
1918-Sep-20Al 1143Delhi03:30Vancouver07:0018-Sep-20
2019-Sep-20Al 0187Delhi02:45Toronto07:1519-Sep-20
2120-Sep-20Al 0187Delhi02:45Toronto07:1520-Sep-20
2220-Sep-20Al 1143Delhi03:30Vancouver07:0020-Sep-20
2322-Sep-20Al 0187Delhi02:45Toronto07:1522-Sep-20
2423-Sep-20Al 1143Delhi03:30Vancouver07:0023-Sep-20
2524-Sep-20Al 0187Delhi02:45Toronto07:1524-Sep-20
2625-Sep-20Al 1143Delhi03:30Vancouver07:0025-Sep-20
2726-Sep-20Al 0187Delhi02:45Toronto07:1526-Sep-20
2827-Sep-20Al 0187Delhi02:45Toronto07:1527-Sep-20
2927-Sep-20Al 1143Delhi03:30Vancouver07:0027-Sep-20
3029-Sep-20Al 0187Delhi02:45Toronto07:1529-Sep-20
3130-Sep-20Al 1143Delhi03:30Vancouver07:0030-Sep-20
Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6 : Air India Flights Schedule

VBM Phase 6 : Air India Evacuation Flights Schedule ex Foreign Stations

S. No.DateFlight No.DepartureDep. TimeArrivalArr. TimeArr. Date
101-Sep-20Al 0188Toronto12:15Delhi12:1502-Sep-20
202-Sep-20Al 1303Shanghai22:00Delhi02:2003-Sep-20
302-Sep-20Al 1144Vancouver10:15Delhi14:4503-Sep-20
403-Sep-20Al 0188Toronto12:15Delhi12:1504-Sep-20
504-Sep-20Al 1144Vancouver10:15Delhi14:4505-Sep-20
605-Sep-20Al 0188Toronto12:15Delhi12:1506-Sep-20
706-Sep-20Al 0188Toronto12:15Delhi12:1507-Sep-20
806-Sep-20Al 1144Vancouver10:15Delhi14:4507-Sep-20
908-Sep-20Al 0188Toronto12:15Delhi12:1509-Sep-20
1009-Sep-20Al 1144Vancouver10:15Delhi14:4510-Sep-20
1110-Sep-20Al 0188Toronto12:15Delhi12:1511-Sep-20
1211-Sep-20Al 1144Vancouver10:15Delhi14:4512-Sep-20
1312-Sep-20Al 0188Toronto12:15Delhi12:1513-Sep-20
1413-Sep-20Al 0188Toronto12:15Delhi12:1514-Sep-20
1513-Sep-20Al 1144Vancouver10:15Delhi14:4514-Sep-20
1615-Sep-20Al 0188Toronto12:15Delhi12:1516-Sep-20
1716-Sep-20Al 1144Vancouver10:15Delhi14:4517-Sep-20
1817-Sep-20Al 0188Toronto12:15Delhi12:1518-Sep-20
1918-Sep-20Al 1144Vancouver10:15Delhi14:4519-Sep-20
2019-Sep-20Al 0188Toronto12:15Delhi12:1520-Sep-20
2120-Sep-20Al 0188Toronto12:15Delhi12:1521-Sep-20
2220-Sep-20Al 1144Vancouver10:15Delhi14:4521-Sep-20
2322-Sep-20Al 0188Toronto12:15Delhi12:1523-Sep-20
2423-Sep-20Al 1144Vancouver10:15Delhi14:4524-Sep-20
2524-Sep-20Al 0188Toronto12:15Delhi12:1525-Sep-20
2625-Sep-20Al 1144Vancouver10:15Delhi14:4526-Sep-20
2726-Sep-20Al 0188Toronto12:15Delhi12:1527-Sep-20
2827-Sep-20Al 0188Toronto12:15Delhi12:1528-Sep-20
2927-Sep-20Al 1144Vancouver10:15Delhi14:4528-Sep-20
iu29-Sep-20Al 0188Toronto12:15Delhi12:1530-Sep-20
3130-Sep-20Al 1144Vancouver10:15Delhi14:4501-Oct-20
Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6 : Air India Flights Schedule

This Phase 6 Schedule does not include flights that are operating under the Air Bubble Agreement.


Bookings of these flights have already started and the starting fare of Ex India flights is ₹51004 while the Ex Canada fare is CAD 934.0

Booking of ex Canada flights can be done through Air India Website, Booking Offices & Authorized Travel Agents, while ex India flights can book through Air India Website and Booking Offices only.

Air India in a tweet also said “Before you book your tickets for flights under Vande Bharat Mission Phase 5 / Air Transport Bubble Arrangements, check fares of on Air India Website

Passengers are advised to email Air India on [email protected] regarding any issue on the account of overcharging.


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  1. Why are you not scheduling for Melbourne, Sydney and Perth in Vande Bharat Mission? What is your near future plan for these cities of Australia? Request for guiding in this matter urgently.

    • As of now there is no flights to Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and AI has not announce more flights to Australis till now… you may see more flights to Australia in Phase 6 which will starts from 01 Oct.

  2. I have booked Air India Vande bharat ticket for 27/08/2020 from Delhi to Frankfurt and I want to travel destination Oslo Norway.

    I am holding a resident permit card valid till 03/09/2020 and also applied for extension/ renewal and made payment for the same.

    I traveled to India due to death of my father and want to return back to Oslo as my daughter and wife is still on Oslo.

    I have checked with Norwegian embassy as well as UDI and they confirmed that I am allowed to travel till last day of residence card expiry (02/09/2020) but Air India is not sending any confirmation reply irrespective of sending multiple reminders.

    Also contacted Air India customer care but no prope information provided.

    Please let me know is there any issue in traveling due to validity of my resident permit.

  3. There are no flights from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Mumbai in the entire month of August-2020. Is there any possibility of flights in September-2020, from KL to Mumbai?

    • Yes defiantly, this is just initial schedule, more flights will be added in coming days.

  4. So again this month no flights from Bangalore to Singapore? This is very inconvenient. We are struggling so hard to reach our family in Singapore. Every month it’s disappointing

  5. Does this mean the flights under the air bubble agreements for September are already available for bookings? I.e. to the UK?

  6. Is this a complete schedule, will there be flights from Kuala lumpur to Delhi in Phase 6.? We are stuck in KL, Delhi flights are booked too quickly every time.

  7. I want to travel from India to Shanghai, China.
    I’m a student and I’m having a valid student visa.
    So, I would be very glad if u inform me about the requirements and eligibility requirements for travelling from New Delhi to Shanghai.

  8. Would there be additional flights from Singapore to multiple destinations in south India? If yes, when is it expected to be.

  9. Hi…. there is no flight for saudi Arabia…….is there any planning to put that destination in phase 6 schedule… ..

    • This is the initial schedule more destination and flights will add in coming days.

  10. I wish to know availability of flights to Mumbai from Brisbane in Australia.

  11. what about dhaka bangladesh to delhi in 6 phase vande bharat mission please guide us urgently

    • This is just the initial schedule more sectors and flights will be add in coming days.

  12. Please add atleast one flight from south korea to india …since we are waiting from two months

  13. Hi , I have to travel to Singapore. But no flights scheduled from Bangalore. In month of September will any flights scheduled from Bangalore to Singapore

  14. My son has to start his university classes in Singapore. He has the required student pass and permission.
    Would request any information on flights to Singapore from Delhi in September

    • Right now there is no update on flights from Singapore to India in September, we will publish once we get any information. Keep visiting.

  15. Will any flights available on November? Singapore to India. Kindly let me know so we can decide and manage our job. Thank you

    • This is the initial schedule more flights and destination will be add in coming days.

  16. here are no flights from Lagos , Nizeria to Mumbai in the entire month of July, August-2020. Is there any possibility of flights in September-2020, from Lagos to Mumbai?

  17. Hi! Is there a flight from Bangalore to Kuala lumpur from 1st September? I’m a resident pass holder and wanna travel, can you please tell me what all documents I need to have in case I wanna fly

  18. Hi good evening why there no direct flight to Bangalore from Bahrain through VBM

    • This is the initial schedule wait till the end of the month for the full schedule.

  19. In Vande Bharat Mission Phase6, is there any flight from Melbourne to Chennai

  20. Again no flight from Singapore to india. It’s my request please arrange the flight Asap.

  21. Will there be flights from Mumbai to Bangkok in the 6th phase of the Vande Bharat Mission?

    • Full schedule is not yet announced, please wait few days for the complete schedule.

  22. Is there any flights going to Doha from India in September ? Is there any chance to extend the air bubble ?

  23. I have a flight from Afghanistan to Maldives and wait 13 hours in Delhi. Do you hear about transit flights in India?

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