Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6: Air India Announce 56 Flights From Canada


The embassy of India in Canada on Friday announced that national carrier Air India will operate 56 flights from Canada to India under Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6.

As per the schedule posted by the embassy, Air India will operate 33 Flight from Toronto to Delhi between 1st Sep. and 24th Sep 2020 and rest 23 flights are scheduled from Vancouver to Delhi between 2nd Sep and 23rd Sep 2020.

Here is the detailed schedule of Air India flights from Canada to India under the Phase 6 of Vande Bharat Mission:

Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6: Toronto to Delhi

Flight No.DateDepartureDep TimeArrivalArrv Time
AI 018801-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018803-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018802-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018805-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018806-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018808-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018809-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018810-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018812-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018813-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018815-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018817-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018819-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018820-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018822-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018824-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018826-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018827-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018829-Sep-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018801-Oct-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018803-Oct-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018804-Oct-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018806-Oct-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018808-Oct-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018810-Oct-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018811-Oct-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018813-Oct-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018815-Oct-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018817-Oct-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018818-Oct-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018820-Oct-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018822-Oct-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018824-Oct-20Toronto12:15Delhi12:15

Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6: Vancouver to Delhi

Flight No.DateDepartureDep TimeArrivalArrv Time
AI 114402-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114404-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114406-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114409-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114411-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114413-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114416-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114418-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114420-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114423-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114425-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114427-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114430-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114402-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114404-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114407-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114409-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114411-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114414-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114416-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114418-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114421-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114423-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45

Booking of ex Canada flights can be done through Air India Website, Booking Offices & Authorized Travel Agents, while ex India flights can book through Air India Website and Booking Offices only.

Air India in a tweet also said “Before you book your tickets for flights under Vande Bharat Mission Phase 5 / Air Transport Bubble Arrangements, check fares of on Air India Website


Passengers are advised to email Air India on regarding any issue on the account of overcharging.

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