US Embassy to Release Student Visa Interview Dates Soon, Urges Applicants to Stay Updated

The US Embassy has announced that appointment dates for student visa interviews will be released soon, advising students to regularly check the embassy's website for updates. Tens of thousands of additional appointments are expected for July and August, with specific dates yet to be disclosed.

The US Embassy has announced that appointment dates for student visa interviews, specifically the US F1 visa, will be made available in the near future. While the embassy has not disclosed any specific dates, they have advised students to regularly check the embassy’s website for the latest updates.

According to a US Embassy official, a significant number of appointments have already been released, with tens of thousands more scheduled for July and August.

The official emphasized the importance of applicants frequently visiting the website to stay informed about the upcoming appointment release.

New Measures to Reduce Visa Wait Times

Specific Date Not Provided

Despite the lack of specific information regarding when additional student interview dates will be available, the US Embassy official stated that a substantial batch of appointments is expected to be released in the coming weeks.


Although a specific date cannot be provided at this time, students are encouraged to remain vigilant and regularly check the embassy’s website for updates.

Applying from Outside the Country of Origin May Pose Challenges

It is worth noting that students applying for US F-1 visas have the option to apply from their present or resident country. However, if they choose to apply outside their country of origin or residence, it may be more challenging to demonstrate their ties and qualifications for the visa, as highlighted by a US Embassy official.

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Prominent Position in US Student Visa Issuance

In a recent statement, US Ambassador Eric Garcetti revealed that in 2022, one out of every five US student visas was issued in India, surpassing the proportion of the Indian population in the world. This statistic demonstrates the significant number of Indian students pursuing education in the United States.


Annual Student Visa Day Conducted Across India

To further support Indian students’ aspirations, the US Mission in India organized its seventh annual Student Visa Day nationwide. Consular Officers from New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai conducted interviews with nearly 3,500 Indian student visa applicants on this special occasion.

Ambassador Garcetti Highlights Indian Students’ Contributions

During the event, Ambassador Garcetti highlighted the fact that more Indians come to the United States as students than from any other country worldwide.

He emphasized that one out of every five student visas was issued in India in 2022, exceeding the proportion of the Indian population globally. Indians have a long history of pursuing education in the US and have consistently shown excellence.

Furthermore, Ambassador Garcetti expressed the embassy’s commitment to processing the highest number of student visa applications in its history, stating that this year would see an unprecedented increase in visa appointments for students.


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Embassy Will Release Tens of Thousands of Student Visa Appointments

“As prospective students eagerly await the release of student visa appointment dates, it is advisable to stay connected to the US Embassy’s official website for the most up-to-date information and instructions,” added Ambassador Garcetti.

He reaffirmed the embassy’s dedication to facilitating the visa process for Indian students and confirmed that tens of thousands of student visa appointments for July and August would be released in the coming weeks.

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