UAE to Deny Visa Renewals for Pakistani Parents Violating Children’s Education Rights

The decision aims to enforce the Wadeema law, which defines children's rights to education, and violators can face deportation from the country.

According to a Geo News report, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government recently declared that it will not renew visas for Pakistani parents who deny their children the right to an education.

During a television interview, Bakheet Ateeq Al-Remeithi, the UAE Consul General in Karachi, emphasised the importance of education for children. He stated that the UAE government will take action against parents who violate laws protecting the rights of children.

According to him, the law applies to Pakistanis with a work or residence visa.

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Stricter measures to enforce the law

Al-Remeithi also stated that strict measures will be taken to ensure that the Wadeema law is followed. The law defines children’s rights to education, and a large number of Pakistanis in the UAE violate it by failing to educate their children. Violators may be deported from the UAE.

UAE to Grant Visas for Implementation of Wadeema Law

The envoy stated that visas will be granted to Pakistanis who assure full implementation of the Wadeema law. He urged expatriate Pakistani parents in the UAE to ensure their children’s education and protect their rights related to health and freedoms.

According to the envoy, visas will be granted to Pakistanis who guarantee full implementation of the Wadeema law. He urged Pakistani expatriate parents in the UAE to ensure their children’s education and to protect their health and freedom rights.

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Al-Remeithi also stated that the UAE has a population of 16 to 17 million Pakistanis. He clarified that there is no such restriction on Pakistani nationals applying for a visit visa when asked if the law applies to other Pakistanis.

As per the report, the envoy stated that the UAE government welcomes Pakistani tourists to the country and there are no restrictions on them from visiting the UAE.

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