Travelling to the US? Get Ready for Paperless Visas

The United States is exploring the implementation of digital visas, eliminating the need for physical stamps or stickers in passports. This exciting development promises a more efficient, convenient, and secure travel experience for visitors.

In a groundbreaking move, the United States has recently revealed plans to potentially introduce digital visas, eliminating the traditional practice of stamping or pasting visas onto passport pages.

Following a successful pilot project in Dublin, the US Department of State has announced plans to roll out paperless visas, eliminating the need for physical visa stamps or stickers in passports. However, officials clarified that these digital visas will differ significantly from e-visas offered by other countries.

Julie Stufft, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Visa Services, shared exciting details about the pilot program:

“We did our first small-scope pilot of a paperless visa, which means that the visa process is the same but there’s no physical visa in someone’s passport. We just piloted this for the first time, so this is not something that’s going to be happening in the next year.”


“It will probably take 18 months to have widespread use of this or longer. But it is very exciting that we have had this first step where we have seen visitors come through and, in this case, they were immigrant visas without a physical paper in their passports.”

Digital vs. E-visa: What’s the difference?

Stufft emphasized the key distinction between US digital visas and e-visas offered by other countries like India:

“We don’t call it an e-visa because we have the same visa process up to the point of the paper. So an interview is still required by law. If you are a first-time applicant, you will apply in the same way with the same forms.”

“If you are getting a paperless visa, it will look all the same until the point where there is no paper.”


Benefits of Digital Visas

  • Travelers can keep their passports and avoid the hassle of sending documents through the mail.
  • Reduced risk of passport damage or loss.
  • Streamlined application and renewal process.

Timeline and Implementation

While the pilot project has been successful, widespread adoption of digital visas is still 18 months or more away. The State Department will continue to evaluate the program and address any technical challenges before full implementation.

Positive Impact on Travel

The introduction of digital visas is expected to significantly improve the travel experience for visitors to the US. The process will be more efficient, convenient, and secure, benefiting both travellers and visa authorities.

Stay tuned for further updates on the rollout of digital visas in the US. This exciting development will revolutionize travel and make accessing the US more accessible and hassle-free than ever before.

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