Travel Update: No Biometric Hurdle for Expats Returning to Kuwait

Expatriates in Kuwait, rejoice! Recent rumors of travel restrictions due to missing biometric fingerprints have been debunked. Here's what you need to know about the deadline, fingerprinting options, and how this impacts your upcoming trip.

In a recent statement, a security source from Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior has debunked circulating rumours regarding the travel restrictions for expatriates who have not undergone biometric fingerprinting. The source confirmed that the absence of this procedure does not impede expatriates from re-entering the country.

No Travel Restrictions Despite Speculations

Contrary to speculations, the Ministry clarified that there is no truth to claims suggesting that expatriates failing to undergo fingerprinting will be barred from entering Kuwait after the upcoming deadline, slated to commence in June.

Emphasizing the adequacy of the given time frame, the source assured that the deadline allows citizens and residents ample opportunity to comply with the mandatory biometric fingerprinting.

What this means for you:

  • Expatriates can travel freely until the June deadline.
  • If you haven’t completed fingerprinting, you can do it upon returning to Kuwait.

Procedural Details for Expatriates

Highlighting the procedural aspect, the source mentioned that expatriates who haven’t undergone fingerprinting will be required to do so upon their return to Kuwait. This can be accomplished either at the airport or at designated fingerprinting centres situated across the six governorates of Kuwait, including shopping centres.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • No Entry Ban: Expatriates who haven’t completed fingerprinting by the June deadline will not be barred from re-entering Kuwait.
  • Fingerprinting Upon Return: Expatriates can get fingerprinted upon arrival at the airport or at designated centres across Kuwait’s governorates, including shopping malls.

The Ministry’s clarification aims to ease concerns among expatriates and ensure a smooth travel experience.

One-Time Requirement

Moreover, the Ministry emphasized that the biometric fingerprinting process is a one-time requirement, generating digital records that aid security services in verifying individuals’ identities. Additionally, it serves as a preventative measure against the entry of deported or banned individuals into the country.


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Planning a trip to Kuwait?

  • Schedule your fingerprinting appointment through the Sahel app (for those who haven’t already).
  • Keep an eye out for updates from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior.

Ensuring Smooth Travel Procedures

The clarification aims to alleviate concerns among expatriates and ensure smooth travel procedures in line with the Ministry’s directives. Expatriates are encouraged to adhere to the announced deadlines and procedures to avoid any inconvenience during their travels to and from Kuwait.

By providing clarity on the biometric fingerprinting process and debunking false speculations, the Ministry seeks to streamline travel arrangements and uphold security measures within Kuwait’s borders.

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