Thailand Plans To Reopen For Vaccinated Travelers By Mid-October


Prayuth Chan-Ocha, the Prime Minister of Thailand on Wednesday announced that the country plans to fully open for all vaccinated travelers by mid of October 2021.

The Prime Minister said fully inoculated foreign travelers and returning Thai citizens must be allowed entry “without quarantine or any other inconvenient restrictions,” and that his goal is to open up the country within 120 days.

PM Prayuth Chan-Ocha acknowledged that the push to re-open might create problems. “I know this decision comes with some risk because, when we open the country, there will be an increase in infections, no matter how good our precautions,” he said.


“But I think when we take into consideration the economic needs of the people, the time has come for us to take that calculated risk,” Prayuth said the government would reconsider only if a serious situation develops.

The government had previously targeted next January for reopening the country.

Thailand is in the midst of a surge in coronavirus cases that started in April and has accounted for more than 80% of the country’s 204,595 total confirmed cases and 90% of its 1,525 deaths.

The surge has caused special concern because Thailand has been late in securing and deploying vaccine supplies.


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