Himachal Pradesh Issues New Guidelines After Thousands of Tourists Rush In


The Govt of Himachal Pradesh on Tuesday issues new guidelines for tourists and made Covid e-pass mandatory. The decision comes after thousands of tourists from the nearby states flocked the state and this causing massive traffic jams in several areas over the weekend.

It must be noted that Jai Ram Thakur, the chief minister of HP last week removed the condition of mandatory negative RT-PCR report for entering the state.

While replying to a media query about the heavy rush of tourists seen on the state’s borders, Thakur said nobody will be allowed to flout the government’s norms to check the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The chief minister further added that people visiting the state would be monitored through registration on the Covid e-pass software.


He said pass applicants have to enter their particulars in the online system and that details of their arrival were being shared with all the stakeholders concerned.

Here is the new guidelines for all tourists visiting the Himachal Pradesh;

  • According to the latest guidelines, RT-PCR tests are no longer required to enter the hill station.
  • Section 144 has also been lifted.
  • 5 PM to 5 AM COVID-related curfew will remain in place.
  • Visitors entering the state will be required to strictly adhere to the Safety and Hygiene guidelines that have been issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs & Tourism Department.
  • Also, hotels operating during this time should not operate assembly halls, swimming pools, and auditoriums.

It is worth mentioning that all roads leading to Himachal Pradesh saw congestions, bringing traffic to a standstill, on Sunday as tourists from the neighboring states of Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh, Delhi, and Uttarakhand made a beeline.

This came after the Himachal Pradesh government’s announcement that RT-PCR negative tests are no longer required to enter the state.


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