Singapore Airlines Resumes VTL Flight Bookings From India: Check Details, Flight Schedule Here


Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Singapore has announced that it has resumed the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) flights between India and Singapore which is temporarily suspended last month due to regulatory restrictions.

Notably, the flag carrier had stopped accepting new bookings for all VTL flights from India to Singapore that were scheduled between 23 December 2021 and 20 January 2022.

Now starting from 21st January 2022, Travelers from India are again allowed to book Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) flights for quarantine-free travel into Singapore.

Please be guided that currently, Singapore Airlines operates only 03 VTL flights to Singapore from India. These are SQ403 (ex DEL), SQ423 (ex BOM) & SQ529 (ex MAA).


All other SIA flights from India are non-VTLs. Details of the flight schedules can be found in the table below.

Flight Schedules to Singapore ex India

Flight NoSectorFrequencyDep. TimeArr. Time
SQ 423Mumbai-Singapore (VTL)Daily 23:3507:30 (+1)
SQ 421Mumbai-Singapore (Non-VTL)Tue, Fri11:5019:50
SQ 403Delhi-Singapore (VTL)Daily21:4006:10 (+1)
SQ 401Delhi-Singapore (Non-VTL)Thu/Sun10:0018:15
SQ 529 Chennai-Singapore (VTL)Daily23:1505:55 (+1)
SQ 517Kolkata-Singapore (Non-VTL)Daily22:5005:25 (+1) 
SQ 511Bangalore-Singapore (Non-VTL)Daily23:1006:10 (+1)
SQ 505Ahmedabad-Singapore (Non-VTL)Tue23:0507:15 (+1)
SQ 535Kochi-Singapore (Non-VTL)Daily23:0506:10 (+1)
SQ 523Hyderabad-Singapore (Non-VTL)Daily22:5506:00 (+1)

Requirements For Traveling On VTL/Non-VTL Flights

To enter Singapore quarantine-free, travelers must apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) and fly on designated Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) flights. As Singapore Airlines (SIA) may operate both VTL and non-VTL flights on the same routes, please select your flights carefully.

Please note that VTL flights are denoted by a VTL designator in the booking system.

Travelers on non-VTL flights will be subject to 7-day home quarantine measures/Stay-Home Notice (SHN) in Singapore. Short-term visitors are not allowed to enter Singapore on these flights unless they hold a valid approval of entry from the ICA. The VTP will not meet this requirement.


All travelers entering Singapore need to comply with the country’s Covid-19 testing requirements.

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