Self-Declaration Form For Domestic Air Travellers


India is set to resume domestic flights from Monday 25th May, two months after a lockdown to control the spread of COVID-19.

But flying would be entirely different now as certain new guidelines have been issued for the domestic flight passengers and airports, which are mandatory to be followed during flight operations.

As per the guidelines by MoCA Passenger will be required to certify the status of their health through the Aarogya Setu app or a self-declaration form.

We have received a lot of queries from traveller asking about self-declaration form.

So here is the self-declaration form which passengers have to submit at the point of arrival.

Self-Declaration Form
Self-Declaration Form For Domestic Air Travellers

Take printout of this form, fill out completely and take at least 2 copies of the same to avoid any inconvenience.

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  1. I am presently serving at Bangalore and my native is Agra (UP). I am planning to came my native place Agra by flight which will be landed at Delhi. Please advise me that I have to follow the UP government rules or Delhi Govt.

  2. Hi,
    In absence of Arogya Setu app, will self declaration form help? If yes, then do this form will be valid at departure airport.

  3. Hi

    I want to travel from Pune to Lucknow.
    Only self declaration form is sufficient or do I need to get any other permission?

  4. My destination is far from hyderabad , that i am boarding to….in destination adress what should i put? Hyderabad or my local adress…

  5. Hi
    It’s mandatory hardcopy or online registration?
    If online registration mandatory then how we filled up this form ?

  6. What if i tested positive for carona one month back am i allowed to travel in flight.
    Do i need to bring the medical certificate of COVID-19 negative.

  7. I have filled wrong destination address in health declaration from indigo how to change address or any other ideas to rectify.

    • Since the declaration form is offline all you can do is inform Indigo through call center or social media.

  8. I will be travelling to Bangalore by July end… where do I submit this self declaration form? Do I need to submit it three weeks prior to my travel date?

  9. If a child is travelling with us, do we need to have a self declaration form? I have only soft copy and i am not able to print it.

  10. Is self declaration form the same, if you travel within South Africa? For example: from Cape Town to KwaZulu Natal.

  11. I just want to know is this self declaration valid for all the domestic flights, or every airline has a different self declaration form

  12. Hi, Do i need to submit the form on any portal/URL or just is it okay, if I keep the form in hand during travel

  13. Is this self declaration is imp when we have aarogya setu …. I m going tmrw noon from IGI delhi to Pune …. What what I needs plz guide

  14. Is there forms to be filled by those who go to USA from India All of them are talking about arrival only

  15. i am planning to travel from Pune to Haryana. what should I put in local address? my arrival address or my destination address.

  16. I will go Calcutta to Bangalore and I don’t have Android ..I have only keypad mobile is there any problem for that

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