Schengen Visa Process to Goes Digital: EU Approves Online Application Platform

The EU member states ambassadors have agreed to the Council's negotiating mandate on a proposal to digitalise the Schengen visa procedure. The new changes will allow applicants to seek visas online, replacing the current visa sticker with a digital visa.

On Wednesday, the European Union (EU) member states’ ambassadors agreed to the Council’s negotiating mandate on a proposal to digitise the Schengen visa procedure.

This new initiative will enable applicants to apply for the visa online, replacing the current visa sticker with a digital visa.

Efficient and Safer Visa Application Process

This change will make the visa application process in the Schengen area more efficient. The digital Schengen visa, according to Swedish Minister for Migration Maria Malmer Stenergarz, will make it easier for legitimate travellers to apply while also improving the security of the Schengen area.

Online visa applications, according to Stenergarz, will reduce the number of trips to the consulate for travellers, resulting in smoother processes for national administrations.


She also stated that the digital visa will eliminate the risk of visa sticker falsification and theft.

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New Visa Application Platform

A new visa application platform will be introduced under the proposed rules, and all Schengen visa applications will be made through the same platform.

Through the platform, applicants will be able to provide all relevant data and upload electronic copies of their travel and supporting documents. They will also be able to pay their visa fees and receive visa decision notifications.


In-person Appearance at Consulate is No Longer Required

First-time applicants or applicants whose biometric data is invalid will only need to appear in person at the consulate. The visas will be issued in digital format, including a 2D barcode that is cryptographically signed.

The introduction of the digital Schengen visa is expected to make the visa application process more efficient, streamlined, and safer. The next step is for the EU to enter into negotiations with the European Parliament on the final text of the regulation.

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