Schengen Visa Applicants from Top 10 Countries Revealed

Dive into the fascinating world of Schengen visa applications as we unveil the top 10 countries leading the charge in 2022. Uncover the trends, explore the diversity, and gain insights into the global wanderlust that defines the European visa landscape.

In 2022, the landscape of visa applications in Europe witnessed significant shifts, with France emerging as the primary recipient of third-country nationals’ visa requests. The data, published by Schengen Statistics, reveals a substantial increase, reaching 1.9 million applications compared to 652,331 in the previous year.

Let’s delve into the key trends across France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, and Portugal.

Top Visa Applicants to 10 Major Schengen Countries


France led the pack with 1.9 million visa applications, and Algerian nationals dominated the scene with 239,927 requests, followed closely by Moroccans at 161,045. Indians, Saudis, and Turks secured positions in the top five applicant nationalities.


Morocco topped Spain’s list with 201,584 visa applications, while Russians maintained a consistent presence with 166,893 requests. Notably, Spain attracted a substantial number of applications from Spanish-speaking countries, including Ecuador, with 58,141 requests.



Turkish nationals took the lead in Germany, constituting 37% of the 2022 applications. India followed with 76,352 requests. Kosovo, Russia, and Egypt rounded up the top five nationalities seeking German visas.


Italy witnessed a surge in visa applications, primarily from Russians, Turks, and Saudis, totalling 241,561. Belarus, India, and South Africa also contributed significantly to the diverse applicant pool.


Greece proved popular among Turks, who submitted 164,829 visa applications. Russians, Indians, Armenians, and Saudis featured prominently in the diverse mix, showcasing the Mediterranean nation’s broad appeal.

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Indians led visa applications for the Netherlands, closely followed by Turks, Filipinos, and Indonesians. The Netherlands exhibited a more diverse applicant pool compared to some European counterparts.


Indians dominated visa applications to Switzerland, accounting for 36.2% of all requests. Kosovars, Thais, and Saudis also contributed significantly, highlighting the global interest in Swiss visas.


Russians held a commanding presence in Finland’s visa applications, comprising 75.5% of the total. Thais, Indians, Turks, and Brits followed suit, emphasizing the dominance of Russian applicants.


Austria saw Indians, Saudis, and Russians as the top applicants, with a total of 24,791, 16,695, and 13,292 filed requests, respectively. Turkiye, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates rounded up the top ten.



Portugal experienced a surge in visa applications from the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP), with Angolans leading at 43,567 applications. Brits and Americans also contributed significantly, showcasing Portugal’s diverse appeal.

CountryTop Applicant NationalityNumber of Applications

Final Words

In conclusion, the 2022 visa landscape in Europe reflects a dynamic mix of nationalities seeking entry into different Schengen countries. While certain trends persist, the diverse range of top applicant nationalities emphasizes the global interest in exploring the rich offerings of these European nations.

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