Russian Airlines To Resume Flights To 24 Countries


The Federal Air Transport Agency of Russia announced that Russian airlines have received permission for operate normal international flights to 24 countries, and charter flights to 6 more countries.

“Russian airlines received admission to open countries: Belarus, Great Britain, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, UAE, Turkey, and Tanzania. Among the closed countries, the admission to which has already been issued, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Germany, Greece, Israel, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, China, Malta, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, ” said Rosaviatsia in its release.

The federal regulators stressed that the possession of this admission permit for the airline doesn’t mean the resumption of normal air traffic.

“Air carriers have also received permits for charter flights to Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain, France, and Cuba. Admission is the right of the airline, which it can use when resuming flights. This document doesn’t mean the resumption of flights,” the representative of the Federal air transport Agency said.


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