Railways Extended 30 Special Trains Services: Full List Here


The South Central Railway (SCR) zone has extended the periodicity of 30 special trains to various destinations across India till June.

Here is the full list of special trains which is operated between various destinations in South India.

Train NoFrom – ToFrequencyFromTo
2831Visakhapatnam – LingampalliDaily1-4-202130.06.2021
2832Lingampalli – VisakhapatnamDaily2-4-20211-7-2021
7488Visakhapatnam – KadapaDaily1-4-202130-06-2021
7487Kadapa – VisakhapatnamDaily2-4-20211-7-2021
2873Howrah – YesvantpurDaily30-03-202128-06-2021
2874Yesvantpur – HowrahDaily1-4-202130.06.2021
8479Bhubaneswar – TirupatiWeekly (Sat)3-4-202126.06.2021
8480Tirupati – BhubaneswarWeekly (Sun)4-4-202127.06.2021
2839Bhubaneswar – Chennai CentralWeekly (Thu)1-4-202124.06.2021
2840Chennai Central – BhubaneswarWeekly (Fri)2-4-202125.06.2021
2845Bhubaneswar – Bengaluru Cantt.Weekly (Sun)4-4-202127.06.2021
2846Bengaluru Cantt. – BhubaneswarWeekly (Mon)5-4-202128.06.2021
2898Bhubaneswar – PuducherryWeekly (Tue)6-4-202129.06.2021
2897Puducherry – BhubaneswarWeekly (Wed)7-4-202130.06.2021
8496Bhubaneswar – RameswaramWeekly (Fri)2-4-202125.06.2021
8495Rameswaram – BhubaneswarWeekly (Sun)4-4-202127.06.2021
2859Puri – Chennai CentralWeekly (Sun)4-4-202127.06.2021
2860Chennai Central – PuriWeekly (Mon)5-4-202128.06.2021
2851Visakhapatnam – H. NizamuddinBi-Weekly (Mon, Fri)2-4-202128.06.2021
2852H. Nizamuddin – VisakhapatnamBi-Weekly (Wed, Sun)4-4-202130.06.2021
2869Visakhapatnam – Chennai CentralWeekly (Mon)5-4-202128.06.2021
2870Chennai Central – VisakhapatnamWeekly (Tue)6-4-202129.06.2021
8501Visakhapatnam – GandhidhamWeekly (Thu)1-4-202124.06.2021
8502Gandhidham – VisakhapatnamWeekly (Sun)4-4-202127.06.2021
2835Hatia – YesvantpurWeekly (Tue)30.03.202122.06.2021
2836Yesvantpur – HatiaWeekly (Thu)1-4-202124.06.2021
2867Howrah – PuducherryWeekly (Sun)4-4-202127.06.2021
2868Puducherry – HowrahWeekly (Wed)7-4-202130.06.2021
2877Howrah – ErnakulamWeekly (Sat)3-4-202124.04.2021
2878Ernakulam – HowrahWeekly (Mon)5-4-202126.04.2021

The IRCTC has also resume its ‘Golden Chariot’, a luxury train started by the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) in 2008, from 14 March 2021.

The ‘Golden Chariot’ provides travelers a chance to experience the historical, architectural, and scenic beauty of south India while enjoying the comfort of a state of the art amenities and international service standards.


Meanwhile, the Indian Railways on Monday denies the reports that appeared on social media that Railways is going to cancel its trains which are currently operational from 31 March 2021 is purely misleading and not based on facts.

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