News On Cancellation of Trains From 31 March Is Misleading Says Indian Railways


The Ministry of Railways, India on Monday clarifies that the news that appeared on social media that Railways is going to cancel its trains which are currently operational from 31 March 2021 is purely misleading and not based on facts.

Indian Railways in a statement said, “Wrong news clips are being circulated in social media. All may please be informed that the video being circulated is last year’s news being peddled today.”

The Ministry of Railways further said that Indian Railways has not made any such announcement.

“It may be noted that express trains and suburban trains currently operational as special trains will continue to run. It is also requested that the passengers may follow covid protocol while travelling.”


PIB Fact Check, the fact check wing of Indian Govt also tweeted about the same and said…

“एक खबर में दावा किया जा रहा है कि 31 मार्च तक सभी ट्रेनें रद्द कर दी गई हैं। PIBFactCheck: यह खबर पुरानी है। @RailMinIndia ने 31 मार्च, 2021 तक ट्रेन रद्द करने का यह फैसला नहीं लिया है। इस पुरानी खबर को गलत संदर्भ में साझा किया जा रहा है।”


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