Passengers of Air India Flight AI173D to Receive Full Fare Refund and Voucher

Air India sincerely apologizes for the extended delay in bringing passengers of flight AI173D to San Francisco. The airline prioritized safety and acknowledges the inconvenience caused. Passengers will receive a full fare refund and a voucher for future travel as compensation.

In a letter addressed to the passengers of Flight AI173D, Air India announced its commitment to rectify the inconvenience caused during the journey from Delhi to San Francisco. The flight encountered a technical issue and was subsequently diverted to Magadan, Russia.

Expressing regret for the disruption, Air India assured passengers that they would receive a full fare refund and be provided with a voucher for future travel.

It is worth noting that all passengers were stranded in Magadan for nearly two days after their flight from New Delhi to San Francisco was diverted to the Russian city due to a technical snag in one of its engines.

Air India sincerely apologizes to the passengers of flight AI173D for the extended delay in bringing them to San Francisco. The airline acknowledges the inconvenience caused and takes full responsibility for the situation.


Apology and Acknowledgment

The Chief Customer Experience & Ground Handling Officer, Raiesh Dogra, issued a heartfelt apology on behalf of Air India, expressing regret and assuring passengers that their safety was the highest priority throughout the ordeal.

“Please allow me to sincerely apologise, on behalf of Air India, for the extended delay in bringing you to San Francisco. As you are all too aware, the aircraft encountered a technical issue whereby the pilots received an indication of low oil pressure in one engine. Out of caution, they elected to land the aircraft at a nearby airport rather than continue the journey,” the letter said.

Compensation and Gesture of Goodwill

The letter further added that to compensate the passengers for the disruption and inconvenience caused, Air India will fully refund the fare for their journey.

Additionally, each passenger will receive a voucher for future travel on Air India, as a gesture of goodwill. While the airline cannot change the past, it hopes that this compensation conveys its sincere regrets and commitment to serving passengers to a higher standard in the future.


Update: AI173D Touches Down In San Francisco

In an update, Flight AI173D from Magadan (GDX) successfully touched down in San Francisco (SFO) at 0007 Hours on June 8, 2023, local time.

Air India assures that all passengers are being provided with maximum on-ground assistance, including clearance formalities and necessary support.

The airline expresses gratitude towards government agencies, regulatory authorities, staff, and partners who played a crucial role in supporting Air India’s efforts to bring the passengers to San Francisco as quickly as possible and providing them care while they waited in Magadan, Russia.


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