Air India Issues Update On Flight AI173 Diverted to Russia After Technical Issue

Flight AI173 from Delhi to San Francisco encountered a technical issue and was diverted to Magadan, Russia. Air India provides updates on passenger support, a forthcoming ferry flight, and their dedication to safety and security.

Air India On Wednesday issued an update on flight AI173, which had departed from Delhi Airport for San Francisco but had been diverted to Russia’s Magadan on Tuesday due to a mid-air problem in one of the aircraft engines.

Media Statement on Flight AI173

An official update shared by the airline on Twitter stated that Flight AI173, operating the Delhi-San Francisco route on 06 June 2023, encountered a technical issue with one of its engines during the journey.

As a result, the flight, carrying 216 passengers and 16 crew members, was diverted to Magadan, Russia (GDX), where it safely landed.

Updates on Ground Support, Accommodations

Here are the latest developments regarding Flight AI173, including mandatory aircraft checks, passenger accommodations, a reserve plane’s arrival, monitoring by the United States, and a passenger’s account of restricted movement in Magadan.

1. Aircraft Undergoes Mandatory Checks as Air India Assures Ground Support

Air India has confirmed that the aircraft is currently undergoing mandatory checks. The airline assures passengers that they are receiving comprehensive support on the ground during this time.

2. Passengers and Crew Provided Accommodation as Air India Makes Alternate Arrangements

In a proactive move, Air India has arranged alternate accommodations for passengers and crew members. Local hotels in Magadan are serving as temporary lodgings while the airline prepares to operate an alternate aircraft on Wednesday.

3. Air India Announces Reserve Plane Arrival and Essential Supplies for Passengers

In its most recent update, Air India has announced the imminent arrival of a reserve ferry flight from Mumbai. Scheduled for 1:00 pm, this flight will transport passengers and crew to San Francisco. Notably, the ferry flight will also be carrying essential supplies, including food, for the comfort of the passengers.


4. United States Closely Monitors Emergency Landing Situation

Following the incident, the United States has expressed its close monitoring of the situation. Deputy Spokesperson of the State Department, Vedant Patel, stated that they are aware of the emergency landing and continue to monitor the development. The exact number of US citizens on board the flight is yet to be confirmed.

5. Passenger Shares Account of Restricted Movement in Magadan

According to the Associated Press, one passenger stranded in Magadan, Girvaan Kaahma, 16, shared his experience of being confined to the hostel where they are currently staying. He mentioned the inability to use credit cards due to sanctions related to Russia’s war on Ukraine.


In summary, Air India has swiftly responded to the incident involving Flight AI173, prioritizing passenger safety and well-being. Accommodations have been provided, and a ferry flight with essential supplies is scheduled for San Francisco. The United States is closely monitoring the situation. Air India is committed to keeping everyone informed and resolving the issue promptly.

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