No In-Flight Meal On Domestic Flights Less Than 2 Hrs Duration: Aviation Ministry


The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA), Govt. of India on Monday directed all the airlines to not serve an in-flight meal on domestic flights if flight duration less than 2 hours.

The Aviation Ministry has only allowed serving pre-packed meals if flight duration is more than 2 hours. However, as of now, there are no restrictions on inflight meals on international flights.

The new decision comes amid fears that passengers taking off masks to eat may lead to the spread of the virus. The Ministry said that the latest amendments are set to come into effect from April 15 and will be reviewed regularly.

Here is the details of MoCA’s latest amendments on in-flight meal services.


The airlines, operating flights on domestic sectors may provide meals services on board, where the flight duration is two hours or more, following the guidelines as below

Airlines may serve pre-packed snacks/meals/pre-packed beverages as per the policy of the Airlines, where the flight duration is two hours or more, subject to the following conditions

  • In all classes, tray set-up, plates, and cutlery will be completely disposable with no re-use or cleaned, and disinfected rotables will be used.
  • Used disposable trays/ crockeries/ cutleries shall not be re-used. Used rotables shall be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before re-use.
  • In all classes tea/coffee/alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage services will be in disposable cans/containers/ bottles/ glasses There will be no pouring service and beverages will be served in single-use disposable units
  • All used disposable and rotable meal trays/plates/cutleries/beverages/bottles/cans/glasses will be disposed of oft in the trash bags/carts by the crew; at the end of the meal service.
  • The crew shall wear a fresh set of gloves for every meal/beverage service.
  • The passengers would be informed of the above practices for strict compliance before the start of catering services by way of passenger announcements.
  • The servicing of inflight meals to be staggered among the adjacent seats as far as possible.

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