New System for US Visa Services Set to Launch on July 15

The United States is introducing a new system for visa services, set to commence on July 15, 2023. The U.S. Department of State emphasizes the importance for applicants to verify their profile information, complete pending payments before July 10, and regularly check the official website for updates and guidance during this transition.

In an effort to streamline and enhance the U.S. visa application process, a new system for visa services will be implemented starting July 15, 2023. The United States Department of State announced this significant change, urging all applicants to take immediate action to ensure a smooth transition.

Verify Profile Information

First and foremost, applicants are advised to thoroughly review and verify the accuracy of the information entered into their profiles. In the event that any corrections or updates need to be made, applicants are urged to promptly address these matters.

Payment Deadline and Services Unavailability

For those individuals who are intending to pay their visa application fee in the near future, it is crucial to submit payment before July 10, 2023. It should be noted that payment services will be temporarily unavailable from July 11 to July 14 to facilitate the system transition. Regular services will resume on July 15, 2023.

Associating Payment with Profile

Applicants who have already made their visa fee payments but have yet to associate the payment with their profile are requested to log in to their profile and enter the payment receipt number to ensure proper tracking and processing of their application.


Unique Email Addresses for Dependents

In the case of travel coordinators, group coordinators, or families who have added dependent visa applicants to primary applicant profiles, it is imperative that each dependent or applicant possesses a unique email address.

This may necessitate updating the currently listed email address for each dependent. For assistance with this matter, individuals are encouraged to reach out to the call centre.

Regularly Monitor the Official Website

The Department of State advises all applicants to regularly visit their official website for the latest updates and additional information regarding upcoming changes.

Enhancing the Visa Application Process

By implementing this new system for U.S. visa services, the Department of State aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the visa application process, ultimately providing a smoother experience for applicants.


With these proactive measures and adherence to the outlined instructions, individuals can ensure a successful transition to the new system and minimize any potential inconveniences.

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