Nepal Announced New Quarantine Protocols For Arriving Passengers


The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal on Monday announced the new health and quarantine protocols for passengers travelling to Nepal.

Here is the details of new health and quarantine protocols announced by the CAAN.

New Health and Quarantine Protocols

Following the decision of the Government of Nepal (Council of Ministers) on 21 June 2021, all passengers (Nepali & Foreign nationals) traveling into Nepal from abroad are required to follow the enlisted health & quarantine protocols compulsory with immediate effect;

  • Must have a medical certificate with a negative RT-PCR or equivalent testing (Gene Xpert/True NAAT) report with photo identification & Barcode/QR code (as per the availability, Nepali diplomatic mission at the country of departure may prescribe otherwise) issued by the registered COVID-19 Labs of respective countries within 72 hours from the swab collection time to the departure time of the flight with the exemption of test report for their minors below the age of five years,
  • Must possess the printed barcode obtained alter filling up ARMS (Abroad Returnee Management System) forms available at the website of CCMC Nepal (
  • Except exempted as per clause (4), are subjected to furnish the evidence of hotel bookings of 07 days’ for quarantine at their own cost in the hotels listed by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation/Nepal Tourism Board or CCMC, Nepal.
  • Travelers as categorized below on basis of specified documents and a Negative Antigen test, are subject to the home quarantine of 10 days upon arrival;
    • Passengers with a complete COVID-19 vaccination certificate.
    • Those coming for emergency purposes like for funerals and mourning with recommendations by concerned local levels.
    • Sick people as well as their carers, senior citizens above 70 years, children below five years and their guardians, and differently-abled people, certified by hospitals and with recommendations from respective local levels.
    • Government employees, security personnel, diplomats and their families returning to Nepal, and individuals/volunteers involved in the rescue mission of Human Trafficking Victims and Nepalis Stranded abroad, based on their office/mission recommendations. and
    • Expats returning to Nepal, owing to deportation/liberation, are subjected to hotel quarantine of 7 days’ under the entire management of Government of Nepal in line with recommendation of concerned Nepali Diplomatic Mission.
  • Airline crew members are subjected to the Health Protocols developed by concerned airlines as per the guidelines of ICAO.
  • All of those. spending their quarantine in the hotels/homes, have to do RT-PCR tests on the 7th and 11th day of their arrival, and
  • In case if anyone is found flouting the provisions of hotel/home quarantine, she/he will he punished under the COVID-19 Crisis Management Ordinance – 2021.

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