Sri Lanka Imposed Restrictions On Passengers With Travel History To Gulf Countries


The National Operations Centre for Prevention of COVID- 19 Outbreak (NOCPCO) Task Force, On Tuesday, imposed restrictions on passengers with a travel history in the past 14 days to Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

The announcement comes in view to Covid-19 pandemic situation in gulf nations and the NOCPCO instructed all online and offline airlines are directed them to not allow any passengers with a travel history in the past 14 days to the above-mentioned countries.

The said restrictions will comes into effect from 0001 hrs. on 01st July 2021 and will continue till 2359 hrs. on 13th July 2021.

However, the Civil Aviation Authority and Sri Lankan Airlines confirmed that passengers transiting via the mentioned Countries are allowed to disembark in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has resumed its international flights with most of the destinations from 01st June but puts some restrictions on incoming international flights in the country.

However, Sri Lanka will refuse entry to arrivals from the U.K., India, and any person who stayed in those territories in the last 14 days before their departure to Sri Lanka.

It must be noted that due to a huge surge in Covid-19 cases in India, Sri Lanka has suspended all flights to/from India on 06th May 2021.


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