Mumbai Airport Start Express COVID-19 Testing Facility For All Departing Passengers


Mumbai International Airport on Saturday in a press release said it’s extended the availability of its express COVID-19 RT-PCR test facility to all departing passengers and non-passengers. The testing facility is functional from October 15.

In line with the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) guidelines, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has initially launched the RT-PCR testing facility for only arriving international transit passengers;


Now, CSMIA has further extended the availability of the test facility for passengers departing from the airport also, the airport operator further said in a release.

The testing facility, located on the curbside of Level 4 at Terminal 2 for departing passengers, is additionally available for non-passengers visiting the airport to drop off or receive their loved ones, it added.


The initiative addresses passenger concerns regarding the various Covid-19 regulations across domestic and international destinations, it said adding, departing passengers can undergo the test at CSMIA before traveling to their onward destination and produce their negative test report back to skip institutional quarantine at their destination.

The Mumbai airport had first launched the RT-PCR test facility last month for arriving international passengers transiting to a domestic destination from Mumbai as a measure to skip institutional quarantine upon arrival.

This was later extended to all passengers arriving at the airport as directed by the MoCA.


Since the commemoration of the test facility on September 6, the airport has witnessed a total of over 3,340 passengers choosing the test, with an average of 100 tests per day being conducted, said the release.

Till 17th Oct, 38 passengers tested positive, of the total tests conducted at the airport facility so far and they were transferred by the state authorities to designated Covid-19 institutions, as per the airport operator.

Departing passengers can make an online booking through the test feature available on the CSMI airport website or register themselves at the helpdesk found out at departures to enroll for the RT-PCR test before entering the terminal and receive a digital copy mailed directly or can also collect the physical copy of the test report within eight hours, it stated.

Passengers departing from the airport are encouraged to reach the terminal 8-12 hours before their scheduled departure, it added.


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