Lufthansa, Emirates and Qatar Airways start international flights, India may start from next month

International flights resume operations: Amidst Coronavirus outbreak, international flight operations which had been suspended, are now resuming across the globe.

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, international flight operations that had been suspended are now resumed worldwide.

In India, commercial international passenger flights are expected to resume operations next month, step by step, as per the report by Indian Express reported.

While India is still trying to start its international travels after more than three months of suspension, countries like the United States, China, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and some in Europe have opened their international flights.

Some are operating with less capacity, while others carry passengers at full capacity.


Here is a list of all international flights that are operational now:

Delta Airlines: The US-based airline started its operations last week with the first flight flying between the US and China. The route between Seattle and Shanghai was opened on June 25. Other flights to Portugal, Greece, Lagos, Nigeria and Ghana have been postponed till at least next month.

United Airlines: The airline is resuming its operations starting tomorrow between San Francisco and Shanghai. The IE report said that the airline is expected to add 25,000 flights come August and will be operating two times in a week.Other destinations will also be added next month.

Lufthansa: Lufthansa has also started operating and taking trips to mainland China at least once a week. The airline company will also operate three times between Frankfurt and Boston and Los Angeles from this week. From September, 90 per cent of all short and medium haul flights will resume and 70 per cent of the long haul flights, the report said. It also added Austrian Airlines, which is Lufthansa’s sister carrier, also started flying on July 1 from Vienna to Chicago, Washington and Newark.


Emirates: Dubai based flight operator has recently announced that it will fly to Frankfurt, London, Milan, Paris, London, Madrid, Toronto, Chicago, Melbourne and Sydney. Many flights for other destinations will also resume this month as Dubai is opening its doors for tourists and visitors from July 7.

Qatar Airways: The Middle Eastern air passenger carrier Qatar also said that it will start flying to 11 destinations beginning today which includes Los Angeles, Boston and Washington. The airline is also expected to start operations for Toronto from July 4.

British Airways: The European airline company is beginning its operations from Gatwick to four Caribbean destinations this month. According to the report, starting from July 17, the carrier is accepting bookings for Bermuda while operations for Barbados will begin on July 18, Kingston, Jamaica on July 20 and St Lucia on July 25.

Etihad Airways: Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways is resuming flights to 15 additional cities from July 16. The flight will now travel to Istanbul, Male, Manchester, Dusseldorf, Cairo, Amman, Munich and Belgrade.


Turkish Airlines: The flight operator had resumed its international operations from mid-June and is now flying to Ankara and European countries like London, Berlin and Amsterdam. In July, the airline will fly to 40 countries, the report said.

While a go-ahead for many international flights has been given, each and every flight operator has set down a list of precautionary measures as well as having a mandatory certificate that informs the airlines if the passenger if COVID-19 negative or not.

(Source – Financial Express)

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