INS Jalashwa to bring back 700 Indians stranded in Sri Lanka


The Indian Navy Ship INS Jalashwa under the second phase of Operation ‘Samudra Setu’ as part of the Vande Bharat mission to evacuate around 700 Indian nationals stranded in the Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The vessel reached Colombo Port this morning and will depart with passengers to Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu.

The ship is expected to start its journey from Colombo on June 1 and arrive in Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu on June 2, they said.

The Indian Navy had safely repatriated nearly 1,500 Indian nationals from the Maldives in two phases under “Operation Samudra Setu” in its two vessels–INS Jalashwa and INS Magar on May 10, May 12 and May 17.


Commander Gaurav Durgapal, Executive Officer on INS Jalashwa told ANI: “The guidelines for safety against COVID-19 and the protocols for the same are being promulgated by the naval headquarters and the commands respectively.”

“The entire ship for the purpose of evacuation has been divided into three zones. The red zone is the area where we plan to accommodate all the evacuees. The orange zone is a place with a team dedicated to taking care of the people being evacuated and the Green zone is where officers and sailors are staying,” Durgapal said.

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