Indonesia: Visa-Free Entry for India and 91 Other Countries Continue

Recent claims suggesting the suspension of visa-free entry for Indians in Indonesia have caused significant confusion. However, it is important to set the record straight. Contrary to these reports, Indonesia still warmly welcomes Indian travelers without the need for a visa.

We recently published a report with input from the local media claiming that Indonesia has suspended visa-free entry for travellers from 159 countries, including India. However, further investigation reveals that this information is not entirely accurate.

While it is true that Indonesia has made changes to its visa policies during the pandemic, the country still offers visa-free entry for Indians and 91 other nations.

Temporary Changes: Indonesia’s Visa Policies During the Pandemic

Initially, Indonesia provided visa-free travel to visitors from 169 countries. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government temporarily suspended this privilege for 159 countries.

As conditions improved and travel restrictions began to ease, Indonesia started updating its travel rules. Currently, there are 92 countries eligible for visas on arrival.


Visa On Arrival for Indians and 91 Other Nations

According to the Head of the Bali Provincial Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Anggiat Napitupulu, the visa-on-arrival facility is still available for Indians and other eligible nationalities.

Nirdesh Kumar, spokesperson at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in New Delhi, confirms that Indians can continue to travel as they were and obtain a visa on arrival.

Requirement for Visa-On-Arrival in Indonesia

To obtain a 30-day visa, Indian travellers need a passport with six months validity and a COVID-19 vaccination certificate. Additionally, they are required to download the PeduliLindungi app and complete their profile prior to arrival.

The visa on arrival can be obtained at designated ports of entry, such as Soekarno-Hatta in Jakarta and Ngurah Rai in Bali.


However, it is important to be aware of additional rules and regulations implemented in response to reports of unruly tourist behaviour in Bali.

Vistara’s Direct Flight from Delhi to Bali

It is worth noting that with the launch of Vistara’s direct flight from Delhi to Bali starting on 1 August, tourists will have more convenient options when planning their trips to Indonesia.


In conclusion, we would like to address the recent article we published regarding Indonesia’s suspension of visa-free entry for Indians and other countries. The information we initially reported was based on local media sources, and unfortunately, it spread rapidly across various websites. However, upon further investigation, it has become evident that the information was not entirely correct. We sincerely apologize for any confusion or inconvenience caused by our unintentional error in reporting.

To clarify, Indonesia continues to provide visa-on-arrival facilities for Indian travellers, as well as for visitors from 91 other countries. It is essential to stay updated with the latest travel advisories and requirements issued by the Indonesian authorities before planning any international trip.


We appreciate your understanding and encourage everyone to rely on verified and up-to-date sources when seeking information regarding travel regulations and policies.

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