Indian Students Eligible for Extended Temporary Graduate Visas in Australia

Learn how a temporary visa can let you live, study, and work in your dream country after graduation. Gain valuable work experience, build your career, and explore pathways to permanent residency. Get all the details and start planning your post-graduation adventure!

The Australian High Commissioner to India, Philip Green, has assured Indian graduates that their visa rights will be protected under Australia’s new Migration Strategy. This comes as welcome news for many Indian students who aspire to study and work in Australia.

Temporary Graduate Visas

A temporary Graduate Visa is a temporary visa that allows international students to live, study and work in Australia after they have finished their studies

Who can apply?

  • International students: This visa is specifically for students who have come to a country on a student visa to pursue a recognized degree program.
  • Finished studies: The visa is typically available after completing a degree, such as a bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD. Some countries may also offer it for shorter programs like diplomas or certificates.

What does the visa allow?

  • Live: You can legally reside in the country for the duration of the visa.
  • Study: In some cases, the visa may allow you to enrol in further studies, such as a postgraduate program.
  • Work: Most importantly, the visa grants you the right to work in the country. This can be full-time, part-time, or self-employed, depending on the specific visa conditions and the country’s regulations.

Visa Stays Aligned with Degree Levels

As per the agreement between India and Australia under the AI-ECTA, Indian graduates holding a bachelor’s degree will be eligible for a Temporary Graduate Visa (TGV) valid for two years.

Those completing a master’s degree will receive a three-year TGV, and PhD graduates will be granted a four-year visa.

Continued Growth of Indian Students

Expressing optimism about the future of Indian student numbers in Australia, Mr Green stated, “I see no reason why Indian student numbers shouldn’t continue to grow.”

This reinforces the Australian government’s commitment to attracting high-quality students seeking educational opportunities in the country.


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Australia Unveils New Migration Strategy

The new Migration Strategy, released on Monday, outlines a comprehensive vision for Australia’s future migration system. It has been developed through extensive consultations with businesses, unions, and other stakeholders. Key features of the strategy include:

  • Eight key actions: These actions focus on areas like attracting skilled workers, streamlining visa processing, and ensuring a fair and efficient system.
  • Over 25 new policy commitments: These commitments address various aspects of the migration system, such as improving employer sponsorship programs and investing in skills development.
  • Informed by extensive consultation: The strategy incorporates feedback from over 450 submissions received during the Review of the Migration System.

Fixing a Broken System with Major Reforms

Minister for Home Affairs, Claire O’Neil, emphasizes the significance of the new strategy, calling it “a major step forward in reforming Australia’s broken migration system.”

She acknowledges the previous system’s shortcomings and highlights the Albanese Government’s commitment to implementing “the biggest reforms to migration in a generation.”


Overall, this news provides welcome assurance for Indian graduates seeking opportunities in Australia. While ambitious, The new Migration Strategy offers a roadmap for a more efficient and effective system that benefits skilled migrants and the Australian economy.

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