India Announces New Flight Schedule From Saudi Arabia Under Vande Bharat Mission


The Embassy of India in Saudi Arabia on Sunday in a Tweet shares the latest updated flight schedule from Saudi Arabia to India under Phase 8 of the Vande Bharat Mission.

As per the updated schedule, India will operate a total of 101 flights from Saudi Arabia to India between 09th Nov and 30th Dec 2020.

All the flights in the said period will be operated by Air India and its subsidiary Air India Express; these flights will connect Saudi Arabia’s Dammam, Jeddah, and Riyadh to India’s Amritsar, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kannur, Kochi, Kozhikode, Lucknow, Mumbai and Trivandrum

Here is the updated flight schedule from Saudi Arabia to India under Phase 8 of the Vande Bharat Mission;

No.Departure DateFlight No.OriginDestination (s)
109-Nov-20Al 1914DammamLucknow -Delhi
209-Nov-20IX 1584DammamTrivandrum
310-Nov-20Al 1916JeddahMumbai – Kozhikode
410-Nov-20IX 1984DammamHyderabad
511-Nov-20Al 1918DammamTrivandrum – Mumbai
611-Nov-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi – Lucknow
711-Nov-20IX 1486DammamKochi
811-Nov-20IX 1732RiyadhKannur
912-Nov-20IX 1584DammamTrivandrum
1012-Nov-20IX 1131RiyadhLucknow – Delhi
1113-Nov-20IX 1384DammamKozhikode
1213-Nov-20IX 1532RiyadhTrivandrum
1314-Nov-20Al 1994JeddahHyderabad – Mumbai
1414-Nov-20IX 1932RiyadhHyderabad
1515-Nov-20Al 1918DammamKochi – Mumbai
1615-Nov-20Al 1926RiyadhAmritsar – Delhi
1715-Nov-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi – Lucknow
1815-Nov-20IX 1486DammamKochi
1916-Nov-20Al 1914DammamLucknow -Delhi
2016-Nov-20IX 1584DammamTrivandrum
2117-Nov-20Al 1916JeddahMumbai – Kozhikode
2217-Nov-20Al 1922RiyadhLucknow – Delhi
2317-Nov-20IX 1984DammamHyderabad
2418-Nov-20Al 1918DammamTrivandrum – Mumbai
2518-Nov-20Al 1924RiyadhTrivandrum – Mumbai
2618-Nov-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi – Lucknow
2718-Nov-20IX 1486DammamKochi
2818-Nov-20IX 1532RiyadhTrivandrum
2919-Nov-20IX 1584DammamTrivandrum
3020-Nov-20IX 1384DammamKozhikode
3121-Nov-20Al 1994JeddahHyderabad – Mumbai
3221-Nov-20IX 1932RiyadhHyderabad
3322-Nov-20Al 1918DammamKochi – Mumbai
3422-Nov-20Al 1926RiyadhAmritsar – Delhi
3522-Nov-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi – Lucknow
3622-Nov-20IX 1486DammamKochi
3723-Nov-20Al 1914DammamLucknow -Delhi
3823-Nov-20IX 1584DammamTrivandrum
3924-Nov-20Al 1916JeddahMumbai – Kozhikode
4024-Nov-20Al 1922RiyadhLucknow – Delhi
4124-Nov-20IX 1984DammamHyderabad
4225-Nov-20Al 1918DammamTrivandrum – Mumbai
4325-Nov-20Al 1924RiyadhTrivandrum – Mumbai
4425-Nov-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi – Lucknow
4525-Nov-20IX 1486DammamKochi
4625-Nov-20IX 1532RiyadhTrivandrum
4726-Nov-20IX 1584DammamTrivandrum
4827-Nov-20IX 1384DammamKozhikode
4928-Nov-20Al 1994JeddahHyderabad – Mumbai
5028-Nov-20IX 1932RiyadhHyderabad
5129-Nov-20Al 1918DammamKochi – Mumbai
5229-Nov-20Al 1926RiyadhAmritsar – Delhi
5329-Nov-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi – Lucknow
5429-Nov-20IX 1486DammamKochi
5530-Nov-20Al 1914DammamLucknow -Delhi
5630-Nov-20IX 1584DammamTrivandrum
5701-Dec-20Al 1916JeddahMumbai – Kozhikode
5801-Dec-20Al 1922RiyadhLucknow – Delhi
5902-Dec-20Al 1918DammamTrivandrum – Mumbai
6002-Dec-20Al 1924RiyadhTrivandrum – Mumbai
6102-Dec-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi – Lucknow
6205-Dec-20Al 1994JeddahHyderabad – Mumbai
6306-Dec-20Al 1918DammamKochi – Mumbai
6406-Dec-20Al 1926RiyadhAmritsar – Delhi
6506-Dec-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi – Lucknow
6607-Dec-20Al 1914DammamLucknow -Delhi
6708-Dec-20Al 1916JeddahMumbai – Kozhikode
6808-Dec-20Al 1922RiyadhLucknow – Delhi
6909-Dec-20Al 1918DammamTrivandrum – Mumbai
7009-Dec-20Al 1924RiyadhTrivandrum – Mumbai
7109-Dec-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi – Lucknow
7212-Dec-20Al 1994JeddahHyderabad – Mumbai
7313-Dec-20Al 1918DammamKochi – Mumbai
7413-Dec-20Al 1926RiyadhAmritsar – Delhi
7513-Dec-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi – Lucknow
7614-Dec-20Al 1914DammamLucknow -Delhi
7715-Dec-20Al 1916JeddahMumbai – Kozhikode
7815-Dec-20Al 1922RiyadhLucknow – Delhi
7916-Dec-20Al 1918DammamTrivandrum – Mumbai
8016-Dec-20Al 1924RiyadhTrivandrum – Mumbai
8116-Dec-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi – Lucknow
8219-Dec-20Al 1994JeddahHyderabad – Mumbai
8320-Dec-20Al 1918DammamKochi – Mumbai
8420-Dec-20Al 1926RiyadhAmritsar – Delhi
8520-Dec-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi – Lucknow
8621-Dec-20Al 1914DammamLucknow -Delhi
8722-Dec-20Al 1916JeddahMumbai – Kozhikode
8822-Dec-20Al 1922RiyadhLucknow – Delhi
8923-Dec-20Al 1918DammamTrivandrum – Mumbai
9023-Dec-20Al 1924RiyadhTrivandrum – Mumbai
9123-Dec-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi – Lucknow
9226-Dec-20Al 1994JeddahHyderabad – Mumbai
9327-Dec-20Al 1918DammamKochi – Mumbai
9427-Dec-20Al 1926RiyadhAmritsar – Delhi
9527-Dec-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi – Lucknow
9628-Dec-20Al 1914DammamLucknow -Delhi
9729-Dec-20Al 1916JeddahMumbai – Kozhikode
9829-Dec-20Al 1922RiyadhLucknow – Delhi
9930-Dec-20Al 1918DammamTrivandrum – Mumbai
10030-Dec-20Al 1924RiyadhTrivandrum – Mumbai
10130-Dec-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi – Lucknow
Vande Bharat Mission Phase 8 Flight Schedule From Saudi Arabi to India

Saudi Arabia’s General Administration of Civil Aviation (GACA) on 23rd September has suspended flights to and from India due to the rising number of Covid-19 positive cases.

However, Air India Express later clarifies that it will continue to operate flights from Saudi Arabia to India under the Vande Bharat Mission.

So, Indian nationals who wish to travel on these flights and have registered with the embassy may directly purchase tickets online or approach the airline offices of the airline to purchase tickets on a first come first serve basis.


Passengers can contact the Air India/Air India Express offices for ticketing are as follows:

  • Riyadh: Air India office, Kanoo Tower, 8641 Nasr Ibn Sayyar. Al Wizarat, Riyadh 12622
  • Al Khobar: Air India office, Airline Centre, King Khaid Street Between Silver Tower & SABB Building. Al Khobar
  • Jeddah: Air India office Kilo-7, Madinah Rd, Kanoo Centre, Jeddah

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