Hyderabad Airport Launches Self-Baggage Drop Facility for Travellers

Hyderabad's GMR International Airport has launched a self-baggage drop facility, featuring eight fully automated machines equipped with scanners, scales, and sensors. Passengers can print their boarding passes at self-check-in kiosks, select the baggage option, and generate bag tags.

In a significant move to improve efficiency and provide a seamless travel experience for passengers, the GMR Hyderabad International Airport (GHIAL) has unveiled a state-of-the-art self-baggage drop facility near entry gate number-9.

With the installation of eight fully automated self-baggage machines, passengers can now complete their baggage check-in process within an impressive timeframe of 45-60 seconds, according to an official statement.

“HYD Airport continues to invest in your convenience! Now check in your baggage in 45-60 seconds with 8 fully automated self-baggage machines. Try the new self-baggage drop facility near entry gate no. 9 and experience seamless & swift travel,” said Hyderabad Airport in a Tweet.

Streamlined Process for Hassle-Free Check-In

The newly installed self-baggage machines at Hyderabad Airport are equipped with cutting-edge scanners, scales, and sensors, allowing passengers to swiftly check in their baggage.

Passengers can approach a self-check-in kiosk to print their boarding pass, select the baggage option and provide all necessary details to obtain the bag tag.

Once the baggage is tagged, passengers can proceed to the self-bag drop unit. Here, they simply place their baggage on the conveyor belt and scan the barcode on their boarding pass to initiate the process.

The self-bag drop unit performs a thorough check on the baggage, ensuring compliance with all requirements. Upon successful processing, it sends a confirmation to the respective airline, as outlined in the GHIAL release.


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Efficient Handling and Support

In the event that the baggage does not meet the necessary criteria, the self-bag drop unit promptly rejects it. In such cases, a dedicated check-in agent is available to assist passengers and ensure a smooth resolution. For any excess baggage concerns, passengers are advised to approach the airline’s designated baggage counter.

Positive Outlook from GHIAL

Expressing his satisfaction with the introduction of this new service, Mr Pradeep Panicker, CEO of GHIAL, stated;

“We are delighted to provide passengers transiting through the Hyderabad airport with the added convenience of our new self-baggage facility. By integrating advanced technology into the self-bag drop and check-in process, we aim to enhance the overall travel experience by making it faster and simpler. Our ongoing investment in cutting-edge technologies reaffirms our commitment to delivering a delightful journey for all our passengers.”


With the implementation of the self-baggage drop facility, Hyderabad Airport is well-positioned to offer travellers an efficient and hassle-free check-in process, catering to the growing demands of modern air travel.

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