Hong Kong Expands Visa Options for Foreign Workers and Investors

Hong Kong is expanding its visa options for foreign talent and investors to attract and retain top talent, foster business connections, and promote economic growth. The new measures include multiple-entry visas for foreign staff, an expanded Top Talent Pass Scheme, visa relaxations for Vietnamese, Lao, and Nepalese nationals, and a new Capital Investment Entrant Scheme.

In a bid to attract and accommodate foreign talent, Hong Kong has unveiled a series of initiatives aimed at expanding visa opportunities for foreign employees.

Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee made this significant announcement, which includes multiple-entry visas and other visa policy relaxations.


Multiple-Entry Visas for Foreign Workers

As per the announcement made, effective October 26, foreign staff working for companies registered in Hong Kong can now apply for multiple-entry visas to mainland China with a duration of two years or more through the China Immigration Service Centre.

This exciting development comes through the China Immigration Service Centre, making it easier for international workers to secure extended visas.


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Top Talent Pass Scheme Expansion

To further attract and retain top talent, the Hong Kong government is expanding its Top Talent Pass Scheme to include eight reputable institutions from the mainland and overseas in the list of eligible universities. This expansion will take effect in November 2023.

Visa Relaxations for Vietnamese, Lao, and Nepalese Nationals

Hong Kong has eased visa restrictions for qualified Vietnamese nationals seeking employment and those applying for multiple-entry visas for business or travel. Similar relaxations have been extended to Lao and Nepalese talents seeking employment, training, or study opportunities in Hong Kong.

Capital Investment Entrant Scheme

The Hong Kong government will introduce a Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, allowing eligible investors who make investments of $30 million or more in certain assets to apply for entry into Hong Kong. Details of the scheme will be announced by the end of the year.


Talent Attraction Efforts

The Hong Kong government has been actively attracting talent to the city, receiving around 160,000 applications for various talent schemes. Out of these, over 100,000 have been approved, and around 60,000 individuals have already arrived in Hong Kong.

Steady Influx of International Talent

Hong Kong has been actively attracting talent to the city, with more than 160,000 applications received, out of which over 100,000 have been approved. By the end of September 2023, around 60,000 individuals had already arrived in Hong Kong.

The success of the Top Talent Pass Scheme

According to government statistics, nearly 95 per cent of successful applicants in Hong Kong’s Top Talent Pass Scheme during the first two months of the year were Chinese citizens. The program, introduced by Chief Executive John Lee in December, received 14,240 requests, with 8,797 applications approved in just two months.

As Hong Kong continues to enhance its visa policies and attract international talent, the city remains a prime destination for professionals and investors from around the world. These changes offer new opportunities for global citizens to work, invest, and study in the bustling metropolis.


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