Four More Countries Imposed Restrictions On Travelers From India


As the coronavirus cases surge in India, four more countries viz. Bangladesh, Germany, Italy, and Maldives on Sunday imposed restrictions on travelers from India with immediate effect.


In view of the huge surge in cases of COVID-19 in India, Bangladesh on Sunday has suspended the entry of people from India through the land route for two weeks starting from 26 April.

It must be noted that International flights including flights between India and Bangladesh are already suspended since April 14.

Dr. A K Abdul Momen, the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh told the media that the passenger travel is being suspended for the time being but trade will continue.



Germany’s Health Minister Jens Spahn said that starting from Monday (27th April) Germany will ban all travelers arriving from India, only German citizens will be allowed to enter the country.

However, Lufthansa and Air India who operate flights between two countries say they are not suspending flights between India and Germany.

As per the new rules for travel from India to Germany, “transit via Germany to any Schengen destination is only permitted for German nationals and holders of a German resident permit. Transit to any non-Schengen destination is permitted for all nationalities. Holders of German short and long-term visas are not allowed to enter Germany. Students on a new German student visa and not holding a resident permit of Germany are not allowed to enter Germany… Members of a foreign diplomatic mission or Consular office and their accompanying close family members whose appointment and arrival into Germany has been notified to the German Federal Foreign Office are allowed to enter Germany.”

All passengers must hold a negative Covid-19 test result at the time of departure. The sample given for proof of negative Covid-19 test must not be older than 48 hours from the planned arrival into Germany. “All passengers must register under the following link,” the new rules say.



Italy has also joined other countries by imposing travel restrictions on India. Roberto Speranza, the Health Minister of Italy on Sunday in a tweet said that he had signed an order barring foreign travelers who have been in India in the past 14 days from entering the country.

However, Italian residents will be allowed to return from India with a negative test result at their departure and one at their arrival and then have to go into quarantine, the minister further added.

Those already in Italy and who traveled from India in the past 14 days were requested to undergo a swab.


According to the Ministry of Tourism, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) of Maldives on Sunday has imposed a temporary ban on Indian tourists from checking in to hotels and guesthouses in residential Maldivian islands. The new restrictions take effect on Tuesday, April 27.


“With effect from 27 April, @HPA_mv suspends tourists traveling from #India to #Maldives from staying at tourist facilities in inhabited islands. We thank you for the support in our endeavor to make tourism safest possible with minimum inconvenience.” Ministry of Tourism said in a Tweet.

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